1. Combat in the game isn't just a tap-mashing fiasco. You have to time your attacks right. Connecting your punches when the opponent is charging towards you will allow you to counter-attack with a combo.

  2. Watch out for the onscreen prompts. If all hits in your combo successfully connects, you may see an onscreen prompt where you can deal an additional hit at the end of your combo. This is a good chance to follow up with a Special Attack or another combo.

  3. Kombat
  4. Be careful and aggressive at the same time. If an opponent was able to block your combos, he/she will most likely go for a counter-combo. If you see an opponent block the first two strikes, prepare to raise your guard up in anticipation of your opponent's combo.

  5. Place two fingers on the screen to block. Blocking doesn't completely mitigate the damage but it reduces it by a lot. This is quite helpful against Special Attacks. However, there's a "guard break" mechanic which will prevent you from blocking all attacks forever. If you blocked all attacks in a combo or a very powerful attack, your character will slightly keel but fortunately, you can still quickly guard against potential follow up attacks.

  6. It's quite annoying if an opponent blocks your special attack. If you want it to connect 100%, you have to land successful basic attacks then tap your Special Attack before the last hit connects.

  7. It's possible to ambush an opponent by timing your attack at the right moment as soon as he/she tags in.

  8. Kombat
  9. Gold Tier allies are tremendously helpful and powerful. They can almost one-shot any full-HP opponent or critically damage them. It's best to use this as soon as a full-health opponent tags in.

  10. Gold Tier characters have unique X-Ray attacks which deals Extreme Damage to an opponent. If this is used by an allied character, this attack will become unblockable.

  11. Kombat
  12. If you get inflicted by a negative status effect, quickly tag out of the battle to remove the effect.

  13. Character level and tier is a huge factor in winning matches. A low level Gold Tier character can outpower a high-leveled bronze or medium leveled silver. When you start the game, get some Silver Tier characters first then grind until you have enough souls or cash to purchase Gold Tier characters.

  14. For tight or boss matches, consider chaining your Level 1 special attacks increases your chances on defeating the boss. Take note that tagging in or out has a brief cooldown. Normally, powers take that much time as well to deal extra damage so you're ready to tag in the next character by the time the tagging cooldown is gone.

  15. Tagged out characters regenerate HP and Power. It's important to switch characters often, especially if one of them is hurt. Be careful of some negative effects like Snare though since it prevents an inflicted character from tagging out.

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