Online PvP

Online PvP

Online PvP
  1. The opponents here are formidable since you'll be facing mostly silver and gold tier characters with equipment. However, if you managed to win matches, the experience points you'll learn from each match is quite generous, compared to battle mode and limited challenges so this is a good place to level up your characters.

  2. Multiplayer teams are usually hardened, Gold Tier fighters with each member fully equipped, probably with skills fully upgraded, max fused support cards. In order to fight competitively, you have to have Gold Tier characters yourself, with the best equipment, skill levels, and composition you can afford.

  3. The matchup is random but it's possible for you to encounter the same players in any given time.

  4. The basic combat strategies in the previous page will apply in PvP battles. However, since you don't have ally characters to help you out, you have to react to any situation you're in. Online opponents are probably has the same strategy as you, like using Special Attacks if they catch your character in a combo or by ambushing freshly tagged in characters.

  5. Sometimes, it's better to just stick with your LV1 Special Attacks or chaining them if it means that you can quickly defeat one character.

  6. One character down in any side is pretty disadvantageous. However, this is not the end of the match. If you fight smart and you're lucky, you can turn the tide of battle to your favor.

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