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Monopoly Go All Boardwalk Bonanza Rewards June 10th-12th

By Richard Gardner | Updated: Jun 11th 2024

In this guide you can find all Boardwalk Bonanza rewards and milestones which include up to three five star purple sticker packs and over 20,000 free dice rolls, plus our own tips for playing this type of event.

Boardwalk Bonanza Rewards Milestones
Boardwalk Bonanza Rewards Milestones

  • Event: Main banner event, 'Boardwalk Bonanza'
  • Point scoring: Chance, communty chest, railroads, land on any of those tiles to score points
  • Start date/time: June 10th (1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST)
  • End date/time: June 12th (9 AM PT / 12 AM ET / 5 PM BST)
  • Duration: Two days

The start of this event also coincides with the start of the of the tournament, Property Prodigies follow that link to check out the rewards and milestones for that event.

You can check out details of all events on Monopoly Go, by heading to our all events explained page which also lists predicted times for the flash boost events too such as Mega Heist, High Roller and Cash Boost, so you can plan the best time for you to play the game.

All Monopoly Go Boardwalk Bonanza Rewards and Milestones Listed

Here is the rewards and milestones list to help you plan your progress in this event. Dice values in brackets indicate the total number of dice won up to that milestone.

Milestone Points Required Total Points Rewards
1 10 10 One Star Green Sticker Pack
2 30 40 30 Dice
3 40 80 Money
4 100 180 75 Dice (105)
5 50 230 One Star Green Sticker Pack
6 60 290 60 Dice (165)
7 70 360 Two Star Yellow Sticker Pack
8 320 680 250 Dice (415)
9 70 750 Money
10 80 830 Two Star Yellow Sticker Pack
11 100 930 Money
12 800 1,730 450 Dice (865)
13 100 1,830 25 Minutes Mega Heist
14 140 1,970 Two Star Yellow Sticker Pack
15 175 2,145 Money
16 1,200 3,345 650 Dice (1,515)
17 160 3,505 5 Minutes Cash Boost
18 180 3,685 Three Star Pink Sticker Pack
19 220 3,905 Money
20 2,300 6,205 1,000 Dice (2,515)
21 300 6,505 10 Minutes High Roller
22 250 6,755 Money
23 350 7,105 Three Star Pink Sticker Pack
24 800 7,905 525 Dice (3,040)
25 500 8,405 10 Minutes Cash Boost
26 650 9,055 Four Star Blue Sticker Pack
27 3,500 12,555 1,600 Dice (4,640)
28 850 13,405 Four Star Blue Sticker Pack
29 1,000 14,405 Money
30 1,500 15,905 700 Dice (5,340)
31 1,700 17,605 Money
32 4,200 21,805 1,800 Dice (7,140)
33 3,000 24,805 Five Star Purple Sticker Pack
34 1,500 26,305 40 Minutes Mega Heist
35 2,800 29,105 Money
36 6,000 35,105 2,200 Dice (9,340)
37 2,500 37,605 Four Star Blue Sticker Pack
38 4,500 42,105 Five Star Purple Sticker Pack
39 5,000 47,105 Money
40 8,000 55,105 3,000 Dice (12,340)
41 3,000 58,105 10 Minutes Cash Boost
42 4,000 62,105 Four Star Blue Sticker Pack
43 14,000 76,105 8,000 Dice (20,340) and a Five Star Purple Sticker Pack

My strategy for this event

I'll be looking to conserve some dice for any forthcoming special event such as another partner event which may occur before the end of the Making Music season.

While milestone 28 looks tempting to grab those two blue sticker packs, I just feel I need to conserve dice at the moment as there are no special events running.

However that being said, you may be in a different position and need to try to get as many purple packs as you can in order to try to finish a collection or album.

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Upcoming Partner Event: June 22nd - 27th - Aqua Partners

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How to play get points in Boardwalk Bonanza

To score points in this event, you'll need to land on chance, community chest or railroad. Scoring points as follows:

  • Chance, two points
  • Community Chest, three points
  • Railroad, five points

Railroad is by far the best tile to land on during this event, not only because it will score you more points, but also because you'll also get tournament points too.

Chance is also preferred over Community Chest despite giving you one less point because it gives you a chance of moving you directly to the next Railroad, giving you even more points.

Also think about your progress in the tournament that is running at the same time and the milestones that you want to get through in that event.

Thanks for visiting our site. We love writing about Monopoly Go, and play it every day to strive to bring you the best content we can. Thanks for choosing us today and we hope we've been of help! If you are trying to fill your album, then head over to our forum where you can find a friendly and helpful group of MoGo'ers that may be able to help or trade.

What events are running now on Monopoly GO?

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