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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

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This is a walkthrough for Chapter 8 of Mirror Man. Another Adventure Escape Mystery from Haiku Games.

Another 10 years has passed and now Julian is living with Kristen and her granddaughter, Emery. After an alert you need to get the cat and move to the safe room.

Chapter 8

Star: top left window above the door.

Collect a lanyard with key from the between the sofa seat cushions. Then move the colorful cushions and collect a security card and an 'uninteresting' cat ball. Then also collect the scissors from the table.
Next open a small drawer on the bottom of the table to find another security card.

Below the cat is a small unit with a locked door. Use the key on the lanyard to open this.
Then use the scissors to cut some cat grass.

Chapter 8

Use the cat ball on the grass on the table to combine them to get the 'Favorite cat toy'.
Then use this on the cat to get it to come down.

View the round family portrait for a clue.
Chapter 8

Now view the white book shelf by the door.
Chapter 8

Collect 2 more security cards.
Tap the globe at the bottom to move it and find a keypad.
Now tap to view the books until you find 'How to Escape Murder for Dummies'. Collect the bookmark from the top.
Chapter 8

Look at the bookmark, this will tell you the combination to the safe room.
Chapter 8

Hint: find each of the six pattern sin the room to get a clue to the numbers they represent.
Solution: First pattern: The painting over the fireplace has these colors. Notice where the colors are and you will find a number hidden. (3)
Second pattern, this is on the 1 of the a family portrait (1).
Third pattern: this represents a black book on the shelf. Read the title Murphy’s Three Laws of Romance (3)
Fourth pattern: Seen on the 9 from the family portrait (9).
Fifth pattern: check the painting over the fireplace again as before. This time the colors will stand out the number 5 (5)
Sixth pattern: a blue book. Title is The Eight Trials of Bernardo (8).

Code: 313958Show

Use this code on the keypad to open the safe room.
Emery is safe and you get a fifth security card.

Tap on the small panel to the left of the door to open it and then again to view inside.
Chapter 8

Add the 5 security cards to start a puzzle.
Hint: place 5 cards in each row. you need to match all 10 numbers in each row.
Solution: Chapter 8Show

Once the alarm is set you head out to the barn.
Chapter 8

Tap the ladder to let you reach the barn loft. Then tap on the model cow that is up there.
You need to find a 4 digit combination.
Chapter 8

Hint: look below
Solution: the shuttered windows have the combination. 7087Show

Use this to open the cow and collect a key.
You can then use this to unlock the barn and go inside.
Chapter 8

Star: On the lantern top center.

First collect the crate from the floor on the left.
Then open the cabinet above there to find and collect a salt link and some grease (oil).

Place the crate below the high shelf, then you can collect the Gears and the Flat fix.
Next use the grease on the left side door that is stuck so that you can open it.
Chapter 8

Use the flat fix on the wheelbarrow to repair it and collect it.
Then tap on the apple basket to collect some and then again to collect more gears.

Use the wheelbarrow to move the hay bales and you can then collect another gear and a notebook.
Now open the door on the right and go through to the stable area.
Chapter 8

You need to get the missing horses to return. Tap the bowls for clues.
Solution: place the salt lick in the left bowl and the apples in the right bowl.Show

Tap on the 5 horses to confirm all of their names. Then look in the notebook to see a list of names with numbers.
Pickles = 5
Dandelion = 9
Chance = 1
Honeycomb = 3
Pistachio = 7

In the main barn area is a locked panel on the right. View this.
Chapter 8

Use the clues above to enter the code
Code: 59137Show

You now have a gear puzzle
Chapter 8
Add the 3 gears to start.
Hint you need to find a clue to the correct positions for the gears.
Solution: look in the notebook again. On the right is a rough sketch to give you a clue.Show
Positions: Chapter 8Show

Once the mirrors are lowered you will be outside to get the tractor.
Chapter 8

Note the E on the side.
Tap the tractor to enter the cab.

Star: on the mirror that is shaped like the letter B.

Open the box on the right.
Note the letter S and the U in the box.
Chapter 8

View the Tractor Manual. This is a clue.
Chapter 8

Back up and tap to view the front of the tractor.
Chapter 8

Note that at the top is a letter. we can only see the bottom but it is a letter M.
Below is a code entry, we need 4 letters.

Solution: Find the numbers in the tractor manual and use the letters associated with those locations.
13 = M
5 = U
7 = S
20 = E

Code: MUSEShow

Collect the bolt cutters.
Then Mirror man arrives.

Tap the ladder again to help Kristen down.
Then tap to enter the barn.
Chapter 8

Use the bolt cutters on the chain of the cellar door.
This begins a puzzle.
Chapter 8

You need to make sure to open all the blue doors on the red path through the barn. All other doors must be closed.
Tap a door way to move through it. This will change its current state, (open doors will close, closed doors will be opened.)
Chapter 8

Once done the final scenes will play and Mirror Man is defeated..
Chapter 8

Or is he? Make sure to tap that baseball bat to finish the game.

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