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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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This is a walkthrough for Chapter 1 of Mirror Man. Another Adventure Escape Mystery from Haiku Games.
The game begins in 1976 with the young boy Julian being left with a babysitter, Beth, as his parents head out to a restaurant.

Chapter 1

First, we need to lock the door.
Chapter 1

Star: On the lamp in the corner

The security bar can be collected from the floor next to the records. Then tap the chair to move the cushion and collect a coin.
Tap the magazine rack and the records to remove them. Then tap to view the photo on the wall, there is a jump scare and then you can see the photo with a clue.
Chapter 1Show

Now tap on the bag on the right to view the combination lock.
Chapter 1

Hint: use the clue above to open it.
Code: 1976Show
Collect a key.

Use the key on the front door to lock it. Then add the security bar.

You will then get to play hide and seek.
When Beth counts, open the door of the brown cupboard, then tap to get inside.
Chapter 1

You will then play again.
This time open the door to the kitchen, then lift the table cloth and hide under the table.
Chapter 1

Once done the phone will ring and Beth will talk, then throw the phone on the floor. And you will be back in the front room.
Chapter 1

Tap the bag to take the game out of it. Then tap the bag on the floor again to find a Player Token to collect.
Chapter 1

Now return to the kitchen.
Chapter 1

Collect the phone from the floor.
Then tap the clock on the wall to move it to the table and then collect the battery from the back.
Return to the living room and tap the box to view the game.
Chapter 1

Use the coin on the battery compartment on the right. Add the battery.
Then place the player token on the right.
This starts a puzzle.
You need to find the correct sequence to get you through the house and avoid the traps. Tap a number to move through the house. you can only use each move number once.
Many of the rooms will kill the player.
Solution: 6, 3, 5, 4, 2, 1Show

Once done you will need to repeat this process to the token back out
Solution: 2, 4, 5, 3, 6, 1Show

Next Beth’s boyfriend, Greg, arrives.
Chapter 1

There is a barrel liquor cabinet on the corner of the room. You need to unlock it.
Chapter 1

Hint: look carefully at the barrel for a clue.
Solution: Note there a 3 darker panels. find the number from 1 to 6 of each.Show
Code: 435Show

You will go to the kitchen and will need to use the phone.
(you can eat the hot dog if you want)

There is a set of kitchen steps. Tap the high cabinet above the steps to open it, then collect some torn flyers from inside.
Chapter 1

Next the the steps to move them. Then tap the fridge to view the door.
Add the torn pieces to the door to start a puzzle.
Chapter 1

This is a jigsaw type puzzle. rearrange the pieces.to complete it.
Solution: Chapter 1Show

Once done you will have the number to call.
Place the phone back on the wall. Then view the dial.
Chapter 1

Enter the number based on the message on the fridge.
Number: 555 7724Show

After the call Beth will send you to the basement to play a game.
Chapter 1

Tap the switch by the door to turn on the lights.
Chapter 1

First clear out the room. Move the clothes. The red cloth on the left. and the papers underneath and then the dust sheet on the right.
Collect the TV knob that falls off.
Move the mess on the bottom to find a TV splitter. Then open the door under the stairs and move the boxes away to collect a game cartridge.
Chapter 1

Star: On the second trophy on the shelves.

Notice the arrows on the wall. these point from the ceiling to the trophies on the left. This is a clue.
You can then open the safe.
Solution: follow the arrows back up to the ceiling and see the numbers represented in the ceiling boards. The trophies confirm the order (just left to right)Show
Code: 9526Show

Collect the game console from the safe.

Place the console on the table. Then add the game cartridge to it. Note the '3' on the side.
Tap to view the TV control
Chapter 1

Add the knob to the T.V. to turn it on. You will see a news report.
View the control again and now add the splitter.
Chapter 1

Switch the splitter to the console side and then turn the dial to channel 3.
You can then play the game.
Chapter 1

Hint: follow the instructions to move the red and blue characters to the correct spots.
You will need to do this twice with the second level being harder.
Hint: You can move the blue character into a wall to force the red character to move.

Once done there will be a fight upstairs and then the lights will go out.
Tap the door to go up.

Beth is hurt and tell you to hind. You can hide under the table again.
The mirror man enters looking for something.
Chapter 1

When he goes outside tap to move to the living room.
Hide again in the cabinet.
Chapter 1

Next tap the door to unlock it and remove the bar.
Watch the end scenes to complete the chapter.

Chapter 1

Then move on to Chapter 2.

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