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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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This is a walkthrough for Chapter 2 of Mirror Man. Another Adventure Escape Mystery from Haiku Games.

It is 10 years after the traumatic events of chapter 1. Julian is now a teenager working at Taco Hut.
Chapter 2

You are closing up. Check the task list.
Chapter 2

First tap the bottom of the condiment tray on the left to open the bin and remove the rubbish sack.
Then tap the bag and Summer will take it out.
Chapter 2

Tap the box under the counter to open it and collect some condiments.
Tap to the right to go to the kitchen.
Chapter 2

Collect a cleaning towel from the grill in the center. Then move the apron and collect a Potato Peeler.
Next take the red Dolly. Then use it on the large stack of boxes on the right.
Make sure to tap the grill so that Summer confirms she has cleaned it.

Now tap on the pile of empty boxes in the back. This will clear them away.
Collect a purple bottle of window cleaner from the shelves. And tap the box on the top shelf to collect some more condiments.
Chapter 2

Star: Open the fridge on the left to find a star.

Tap the Fryer on the right and it will start smoking.
Chapter 2

Then tap the red panel in it to see a puzzle.
Chapter 2
Hint: move the red and green arrows to the opposite sides. They can only move forward 1 space or jump over 1 other arrow at a time.
This will turn off the fryer.

Return to the Hall. Place the 2 lots of condiments in the tray above the bin.
Now tap to view the till. It is covered with coffee.
Chapter 2

Use the cloth to clean it.
To fix the till you need to first use the peeler to open the cover.
This then starts a puzzle.
Chapter 2

Hint: tap each grey square to set the food symbol on it. There are 6 symbols. each row and column must only have 1 of each in it.
Solution: Chapter 2Show

Once done you can collect the Daily total print out.
You can also tap the till again to see a clue.

Collect the money from the open till drawer.

Next use the window cleaner on the windows, Summer will give you a newspaper, use this to complete the cleaning.
Chapter 2

Star: On the left window.

Then use the cleaning towel on the tables and Summer will wipe them.
Now you need to go back to the kitchen. You need to get into the office (at the back) to find the safe for the money.
The doors have a grid lock.
Chapter 2

Hint: Notice it is a 6x6 grid. If you tap a button it lights up in a white and yellow circle.
Solution: Follow the grid on the till and highlight the buttons in the positions of the fried eggs.Show
Code: Chapter 2Show

Enter the office.
Chapter 2

Move the stack of folders from in front of the safe, and also move the chair so you can see the desk.
Tap on the fax machine on top of the safe.
Chapter 2

Tap the spider to move it away and then enter the number.
The number is partially missing but you can work it out.
Add the daily print out to the machine and it will start to send but it does not go through as the phone is in use.

Tap the phone to answer it. You get a creepy message.
The fax then goes through.

Next we need the code for the safe, first you need to open the padlock on the left.
Chapter 2

Hint: note the colors on the lock. brown, blue, red, yellow. Check the Task list.
Solution: find the colors in the Taco Hut logo to get the correct letters.Show
Code: OUCHShow

View the security monitors inside.
You then get a puzzle with overlays.
Hint: you need to place the 6 overlays onto the correct panels and then adjust the slider to reveal a secret.
Solution: First slide the red button all the way to the right. Then place the overlays until you see a 6 digit code.
Chapter 2

Now tap the safe to see the keypad and enter the code.
Code: 198671Show

After the surprise when the safe opens place the money inside and then close it.
Check the task list, only one thing left. Set the alarm.

Tap the alarm to the right of the front door.
Chapter 2
Use the clues to get the code to set it.
Solution: there are 2 examples, in both cases the right side number is placed in the middle of the left side number. Show
Code: 9006Show

A red stain appears on the table cloth.
Remove the table cloth and then use the cloth to clean this.
Chapter 2

You will see a coded message.
You will then have a book with translations. This is a puzzle.
Chapter 2

Hint: you just need to select words in the notebook and match them to the runes on the table.
They are reversed.
Chapter 2Show
A message from the Mirror man.

Chapter 2

Tap the chairs to knock them down and block the door.
Then also tap the bin to knock it over too.
Chapter 2

Move to the Kitchen.
Chapter 2

Collect the oil and then add it to the fryer. It will start to smoke again.
Enter the office.
Chapter 2

After the explosion you need to block the door.
First. Move the desk, then tap the shelf above the monitors to break it down. Collect the heavy shelf.
Now use the shelf on the doors to barricade them.
Summer gives you a spike. Collect it.
She is then attacked.
Use the spike on the attackers arm.
Chapter 2

Open the first aid box and collect the items inside. Use them on Summer.
Use the gauze pads first, then the bandages and finally put the blanket around her.
Chapter 2

Now you need to answer the phone. The police arrive to help.
Now you need to view the security monitors. This is a mini game.
Chapter 2

Tap the correct monitor wen you see the Mirror man appear. Do not tap the police office. You need to get 5 correct taps.
Chapter 2

Once done you will get the final cut scene and complete Chapter 2.
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Chapter 2

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