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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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This is a walkthrough for Chapter 3 of Mirror Man. Another Adventure Escape Mystery from Haiku Games.
The third chapter is set in 1996, another 10 years after the last chapters events. Julian has come to help his friend Priti who is in trouble.

At the front gate of Wormhaven Manor. You need to find a way inside.
Chapter 3

Tap the ground in front of the gate to collect a stick.
Then use the stick on the lose wire to remove it and stop the sparking.

Star: On the gate on the right.

Tap gain to remove the rest of the branches blocking the gate.

Use the stick again to collect the paper on the top right of the gate.
View the invitation:
Chapter 3

Now you need to find the code for the gate lock.
Chapter 3

Hint: the gate has some symbols on it and so does the invitation:
Solution: Count the number of each of the symbols on the paper. Skulls, Hourglasses, Triangles, Wheels, Eyes.Show
Make sure you find them all.Show
Code: 83557Show

After talking to Priti, collect the torch from the ground and then light it on the flame on the left.
Chapter 3

Tap on Priti to continue and you will go inside.
Chapter 3

Use the torch to light the candles.
Chapter 3

Tap the bowl and butter dish on the table to open them and collect a key and some butter.
Use the butter on the skeleton on the left of the door, this lets you collect the scythe.
Then use the Scythe to cut the carpet.
Chapter 3

Collect a Rug strip.
Next use the rug strip on the same skeleton. This places it underneath. Tap the rug again and it will slide the skeleton out of the way.

View the door that was behind the skeleton.
Thankfully you only need to use the key to open the door.

With the door open, tap on the generator that is inside. The lights come on, but you need more fuel.
Go back outside.
Use the scythe on the bushes on the left. to find a hidden box. This has a code lock.
Chapter 3

Hint: there is a clue with 4 numbers.
Solution: There are 4 trees with lights, count the lights on each.Show
Code: 4435Show

Collect the Can of Diesel
Go back into the house and add the diesel into the generator.
A doorway opens and you will meet Patric. He takes the scythe. Then follow him up the stairs.
Chapter 3

First tap to remove the red robe, then collect the forceps from underneath. Also collect the 'Five Pendants; from the left.
Chapter 3

Now use the pendants on the curtains to tie them open. Notice the clues on the window.
Chapter 3

Collect a key card that falls to the ground.
Tap the door on the right to go back downstairs, then use the key card on the doors on the right to open the cupboard.
Chapter 3

Tap to view the case to see the lock.It has 4 sybmols.
Hint: the clue is on the windows upstairs.
Solution: Tempus = Time, Fugit = Flies, Memento = Remember, Mori = Death. Fid the matching symbols.Show
Symbols: hourglass, wing, brain, skull.Show

Collect the electrical cable, grid paper, and fog machine recipe.
Next move the coats on the left and collect a can of machine oil.

Now go back outside. Use the forceps on the fountain to collect a dye pack.
Go back upstairs.
Use the machine oil on the blue cabinet on the left. You can then open it.
Collect from inside a jug of fog juice and a net bag.

Then use the orange electrical cable to connect the white cable to the cabinet.
Now view the machine inside the cabinet. This is a puzzle.
Chapter 3
Hint: check the Grid paper you collected for the clue.
Chapter 3

Solution: The paper shows a grid of 8 rows and 16 columns. For each row, find the number of the column with the X. Then place the cable (1 to 8) in the correct hole (1 to 16).
1 = 13
2 = 4
3 = 2
4 = 9
5 = 14
6 = 16
7 = 5
8 = 7

The lights are now on.
Star: on the second light from the left.

Now use the jug of fog juice on the central altar (fog machine). Then collect the empty jug.
Also add the dye pack to the fog machine it as well.

Now go downstairs and use the net bag to collect the dry ice skull from the table.
Go outside and use the jug on the fountain to collect some clear water.
Chapter 3

Go back upstairs and add the ice chunk and clear water to the altar.
Once the fog start the show begins.
Chapter 3

The mirror man returns and not the place is on fire. Tap the door to escape.
Chapter 3

This starts a mini game where you need to collect survivors around the map. Use the arrow keys to move.
Chapter 3

As you collect them your line gets longer and you must not get stuck in tight spaces.
The last move must be to return to Priti in the bottom left.
Order: Top right, top left, middle left. middle, middle right, bottom right.
Chapter 3

You are now trapped by a locked door.
Tap the runes on the wall and you will find that they say YOU.
Now view the padlock.
Chapter 3

Hint: It is you.
Solution: JULIANShow

Exit through the door and you will see the final scenes, This complete Chapter 3
Move on to Chapter 4.
Chapter 3


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