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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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This is a walkthrough for Chapter 5 of Mirror Man. Another Adventure Escape Mystery from Haiku Games.

After the nightmare of chapter 4 you are now back at Julian’s old home for one last visit before it gets demolished. Once last chance to look for clues.

Chapter 5

Star: on the left of the window curtain rail.

Collect the broom from next to the window, and also the painting from floor on the right side of the window.
Then collect some pruning shears from the top of the shelf unit.

Next Collect the book from under the sofa. and move the sofa seat cushion to reveal a spring.
Now use the broom on the rubbish on the floor to clean up.
Chapter 5

Use the shears on the sofa to cut and collect the spring.
Then collect from the floor another book, a step ladder and another painting.

There is another round frame on the wall on the top left. Place the step ladder in the corned behind the piano and then you can collect the round painting.

Now tap to view the painting on the wall on the right.
Chapter 5

Add the 3 shaped painting to the correct places to reveal a clue.
Solution: Look for numbers in each, some are hard to see. 33 08 25 74.
Chapter 5

You can now tap to view the small unit on the right, this has a code lock.
Note: the shapes above each pair of numbers.
Chapter 5

Solution: Get the correct numbers from the paintings of the same shape.Show
Code: 25 08 74 33.Show
Open it to collect the sheet music and four more books.

Now view the shelf unit under the window.
Chapter 5

Add the 6 books to it then we start a puzzle.
Hint: Rearrange the books to forms words.
Solution: You will get 3 words, note the colors of the letters.
FAB - Yellow, FACE - Pink, BEE - Purple.
Chapter 5

Now view the piano and then place the sheet music on it for the next clue.
Note the colors on the paper.
Chapter 5
Solution: From the books arrange the words in the right order then play the tune.

When the piano opens tap to look inside
Chapter 5

Use the spring to collect the key.
Now Shawn appears and we discover the identity of the Mirror Man.
Chapter 5

This starts a puzzle. You need to first reach the top left room. To do this you will need to work your way around the house to find 4 different keys while avoiding Shawn.
Chapter 5

Hints: There are 2 sides to the house, 4 color codes keys for 4 locked doors. And several items to move that make noise and will make Shawn move towards you. Tap on Highlighted doors and stairs to make a move.

In some cases you need to back track your moves to stay away from Shawn. Moving through doors to the other side of the house can keep you safe.
Key Locations: Get them in this order..
Purple key, back of house, kitchen in the fridge.
Chapter 5

Yellow key, front of house bottom left in a cabinet, you need to get the bottle first to open it.
Chapter 5

Red (orange) Key, back of house, top right on a cupboard. (move the chair to get it.)
Chapter 5

Blue key, in a dryer in the basement behind the red (orange) door.
Chapter 5

From the basement you can pull the cord on the right to reveal a ladder

Once you get into the bedroom Shawn will still be after you.
Chapter 5

Tap the chair from the floor to place it on the door to block it.
From the hat stand collect the scarf and a back scratcher.
Then open the lower drawer on the left to collect some glue.

Next tap to view the picture on the wall above the desk, then tap it again to turn it around for a clue.
Chapter 5Show

Open the curtain on the left to find a wooden Block on the window sill.
Next tap on the rope pull to open the bed curtains.
Chapter 5

View the box on the top left of the shelf for a puzzle.
Chapter 5

Hint: shift right above a red line.
Solution: From the clue on the back of the picture, shift the top sections of the figures to the right. this will form numbers. (the top right one will move to the far left.)Show
Code: 8537Show

Open the box with the code and collect another block.
Now tap to view under the bed.
First note the shapes on the bed end.
Use the back scratcher to find a broken block.
Chapter 5

First use the scarf to clean the pieces. Then use the glue to fix and collect the block
Now back up and tap the desk lid to view a puzzle.
Chapter 5

Add the 3 blocks to start.
Hint: use the center dial to move the block and order them on the bottom row.
Solution: follow the clue on the bed.
Chapter 5

Open the drawers in the desk to collect an attic key.
Star: Find a star in the desk draw

Tap the chair again to move it under the trap door, then use the key top open the door and climb up.
Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Star: on the cupboard on the left.

Remove the cover from the mirror on the right so you can collect a small key, and also move the rug on the floor and some book sand boxes so that you can collect a Box of nails and 2 ladder rungs.
Chapter 5

On the back wall is a locked dart board, use the key on it to open it. This is a clue.
Chapter 5

Solution: add up the scores from the 6 darts. 10 + 60 + 50 + 33 + 45 + 17 = 215Show

Now view the toolbox on the floor to the right of the room, this has a 3 digit lock.
Chapter 5

Use the clue from above to open it.
Collect a hammer.

Now use the hammer on the large chest on the left of the room. Open it to collect 2 more ladder rungs.
Now you can add the 4 rungs to the broken ladder on the floor. Then add the nails.
Chapter 5

Finally use the hammer to fix the ladder and tap it to place it by the top window.
Chapter 5

Use the hammer again on the boarded window so you can escape.
Shawn will catch you, but you get to ask questions to find out more details.
Chapter 5

When you have learned enough you will have the option to tap
“No. I’m done. Come at me, old man.”
and complete the chapter.


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