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Merge Friends is a new for 2021 merge game similar to the likes of Merge Matters and Merge Mansion. The idea is that you have to renovate the general store in a bankrupt town and bring it back to it's former glory. To do this you have to find items from chests and toolboxes by tapping them, and then merging the contents to create the items needed from the quest list. The game is easy and fun to play. Here are some Merge Friends tips and we've also got you covered with a load of Merge Friends answers for where and how to find a load of items in the game.

Merge Friends Tips

Here are the tips we have for the game. There are no tap in cheats, and you should not even consider sites that offer free hacks and unlimited energy.

1. Merge the Coins, Energy, Gems and XP before you use them
Each of these special items, can be merged to level 5, and will reward you with more than if you were to redeem them as unmerged, or partially merged items. It's always best to try to wait until they are all fully merged before you use them.

2. Beginning Stages
At the start of the game, you'll get all of the items that you need for the quest from the toolbox. When one of the toolbox items matches one of the items already on the board that has a cobweb on it, merge them together by dragging the item to the cobwebbed item, they will merge to the next level and free up another square to be used on the board.

3. Level Up to Unlock More Squares
As you level up through to level 20, you'll unlock more new parts of the board, when each one opens up there will be cobwebbed items that you should try to merge with items that you already have. Around level 9 you'll get the benefit of the bag which will expand your storage, but you'll have to use gold to purchase the extra storage slots.

4. Follow the Quest List - Don't Over Merge
At the beginning of the game, you should try to follow the quest list and don't over merge items and take them to too high a level, that's a waste of energy and will hinder the rapid progress that you can make in the beginning of the game. Try to make just what is being asked for by the game at that time.

5. Check the Quest List
The game does not always show so well what you need to be making right now, so the best thing to do is if you are unsure check the three lines icon in the bottom right of the board screen to see what's next on the list.

6. Tap the Info Button to Check Your Items
If you are unsure how to make a certain item, check your quest list, and see what you need to make, then tap one of the items and the game will tell you what merge line it is a part of.
Drill is Part of the Tools Merge Line
Drill is Part of the Tools Merge Line

For example. I need to make a drill in the next quest, if I tap it, I can see that it is part of the tool merge line. I know tools come from the tool box, but if I am unsure, I can tap these feeder items (such as the chests and toolboxes) to see what they spawn, and if they show an item from the line I need, then that is the feeder item I need to keep tapping.
Items That Make the Drill Come from the ToolBox
Items That Make the Drill Come from the ToolBox

7. Open Up Deliveries at Level 7
When you get to Level 7. You'll open up Deliveries, this means that your store is open and you can now make deliveries to other people in your town. This really does open up the game, and gives you more opportunities to fulfil quest items. Get to level 7 as soon as you can!

8. Name your Town Wisely!
Name Your Town Wisely when you get a chance to, because to change it costs 50 gems!

9. Check the Events
When you reach level 13 you'll unlock the events option, where you more opportunities to fill orders to win rewards such as chests. The events can be quite hard to complete considering 100 energy does not go a long way in the game, but the rewards if you manage to complete the events are usually quite good.
Events Unlock at Level 13
Events Unlock at Level 13

That's probably all of the general Merge Friends tips we can think of right now, if you are a player, and have your own tips for this game, feel free to drop us a comment below. If you are wondering how to get a specific item in Merge Friends, you should check out our Merge Friends Answers where we have a load of questions about where to find and how to get specific items. You can also post your own question there if you want some help from other readers of this website.
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