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The Guardian is the very first hero the game will give you. He is not that strong in terms of damage output and his skills suffer long cooldown. His main strength is his stagger / stuns on an area. His Whirlwind allows him to fend off staggers from foes because of its long animation.

Recommendation: Beef him up with armor and HPs. Make him the Tank, let him soak all the damage for his party. He is the best frontline hero in League of Stickmen. Upgrading his skills does not really up the damage a lot (because of his poor base stats), but they are still worth upgrading for added damage.



Attack Bonus: 200%
Cooldown: 7 seconds
Description: Slashes enemies (in front of him, small area) up into the air and slashes them back down.
Pretty basic skills that staggers a good amount of enemies. Suffers long-ish cooldown, not really worth its underwhelming features. Still a very good skill because of it controls mobs even if the area is small.


Attack Bonus: 150%
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Description: Stabs the earth to stun surrounding enemies.
Simply the best Guardian skill, even compared to its ultimate. Do not get discouraged because of its miniscule bonus damage. The main use of this skill is it stuns mobs around a large area. The low cooldown is what really makes this skill top-tier.


Attack Bonus: 500%
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Description: The Guardian twists like a whirlwind across the battlefield.
This is an “escape” maneuver as the Guardian goes immune against staggering attacks. The Guardian gets a little bit immobile with this attack. Do not forget that you can move him while performing this skill. Great damage, horrible cooldown, but it still has it uses.

Judgment (Ultimate)

Attack Bonus: 900%
Cooldown: 35 seconds
Description: The Guardian stabs the ground and the area around it erupts into the sky.
Amazing skill because of its high damage, large AoE, and stun /stagger effects. You do have to use this wisely, be as efficient as possible. Be sure to cast this on a highly populated area because the cooldown is freaking long!

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