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Frost Lance
Frost Lance

Recruitment Cost: 200 Gems

The Ranger is one of the two heroes with a ranged attack. She uses a bow and arrow in attacking enemy foes. Her skills have low cooldowns and have considerable damage while being able to keep her far from enemies and harm. When using her, make sure she stays out of the mob because she does not have an "escape" attack or stuns (aside from her ultimate skill, that is).

Recommendation: Damage, damage, damage, and more damage. Upgrade her skills and her Her attack speeds are lightning fast; her cooldowns are low. Yes, she will be left vulnerable once enemies reach her. But that will be on you since you are being awful if you just let this happen.


Frozen Bolt

Attack Bonus: 200%
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Description: A powerful arrow that shoots across the entire field.
Definitely the best skill in the game. This has low cooldown, it hits everything in its path across the ENTIRE field. Low attack bonus, but you can basically spam this and hit everything if you aim-cast carefully. The game also treats this as low tier skill, meaning, the upgrade costs is criminally low that you can up this one to high levels immediately. Use this always, as soon as it is available.


Attack Bonus: 400%
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Description: Shoots three arrows across the screen (short range)
Great damage, and basically hits one target virtually THRICE (target getting hit on three different spots depending on its size, sometimes hits only two spots). This does not pierce through lots of enemies because of its short range, otherwise this would be an imbalanced skill. Really good skill because of the high damage but if you are using this a main attack, you are putting the Ranger in a dangerous position.

Soaring Bolt

Attack Bonus: 200%
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Description: The Ranger jumps into the air and shoots an arrow that swoops down the ground and travels up into the sky.
Do not mistake this for an “escape” move because it isn’t. Yes, the Ranger jumps, but she will just land on the same spot. The projectile movement is weird on this one. You are going to miss a lot of shoots because of this. Cooldown is low, though.

Frost Lance (Ultimate)

Attack Bonus: 900%
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Description: Fires a frozen lance across one direction, stuns and damages those who are caught many times over.
One of the better ultimates out there because of the stun. It also has a low cooldown for an ultimate and does a great deal of damage across the entire field. The only problem with this skill is you have to face the right direction before firing it, or you will waste all of its wonders.

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