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Fist Flurry
Fist Flurry

Recruitment Cost: 300 Gems

The Fist is a heavy hitting hero that can just bulldoze enemies out of the way. With all the damage, he has the shortest reach, and one of his skills is very situational. The Fist is a good hero for boss fighting because of his concentrated damage and very fast animation of his normal attacks. His ultimate does a lot of damage to a lot of enemies. Unfortunately, his ultimate is his only skill that is effective against a crowd.
Recommendation: A little bit of both armor/HP and damage. Arm him with equipment that adds critical % on his attacks.


Flying Fist

Attack Bonus: 300%
Cooldown: 8.5 seconds
Description: The Fist throws an uppercut, and some kicks, and some more moves throwing enemies up in the air.
A stagger move that deals low damage. This is helpful in controlling crowds, and for the Fist to land more combos, be they normal attacks or his skills, or the combination of both.

Tiger’s Roar

Attack Bonus: 200%
Cooldown: 11.5 seconds
Description: A two-hit punch combo.
Damage is horrible, I’ll give you that, but this skill has actual uses. This skill pushes the enemies away from the Fist, for him to set more attacks for the party. Not a sexy skill, but not completely useless. For a setter skill, the horrible cooldown is a bummer.

Throw Strike

Attack Bonus: 400%
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Description: The Fist grabs one enemy, crushes him with punches and throws, including everyone in front of him.
Throw Strike is a great skill when it connects. Wait, not when, it’s IF. You cannot simply grab one of the mobs and wreak havoc to everyone. One, you have to be near enough an enemy. Two, the target should be staggered. Three, the target should have low health. Four, only targets that are (1) not a main boss, (2) not a dungeon main boss, (3) not a mini-boss, (4) not a dungeon chapter boss, (5) special units (the ones with colored auras), and large mobs. That’s a lot of conditions to take consider! Remember, this game is very hectic and chaotic, you cannot make sense of what is happening on the screen, much more trying to land Throw Strike successfully on a few number of enemy units. Pass on this skill, the gold coins are better spent elsewhere.

Fist Flurry (Ultimate)

Attack Bonus: 1,500%
Cooldown: 37 seconds
Description: Punches galore!
Great ultimate even without looooooooooooooonnggg cooldown. The damage alone is worth the cooldown. This can also target a lot of enemies on both directions and more. You can take down bosses easily with this skill. In fact, try to save this skill for the bosses.

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