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Before the invention of the golden snitch, which magical creature was used in a game of Quidditch?

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Before the invention of the golden snitch, which magical creature was used in a game of Quidditch?

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AppGamer Answered:

This is one of the beginner questions from Sophronia Franklin who you will encounter in the library as part of Professor Weasley’s assignment in Hogwarts Legacy.

In this first section there are 5 questions to answer, here are the links to the other 4 so you can easily find out those answers too if you need them:

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Tale of Three Brothers invokes what artefacts?

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Which potion is commonly referred to as Liquid Luck?

True or False: Polyjuice Potion allows the drinker to change species?

While there are three sets of questions; beginner, intermediate and advanced. To move on in this side quest you only have to complete the beginner set of questions. However we have all of the answers for all of the questions in the quiz here so you may as well try to complete them all and you can refer to us if you are stuck.

If you do want to move on though, just take the book after completing the first set of questions and go back to Professor Weasley’s class, where you can learn the transformation spell and complete this section of the game.

The answer to 'Before the invention of the golden snitch, which magical creature was used in a game of Quidditch?' is The Golden Snidget.

In the early days of Quidditch, before the invention of the Snitch, a different small, golden, winged creature was used in the game - The Golden Snidget. The Snidget was a bird native to the west of England, known for its agility and speed.

The Golden Snidget
The Golden Snidget

The objective of the game was to capture the Snidget alive. The Snidget was released onto the pitch and both teams would try to capture it. The player who captured the Snidget would be awarded 150 points and the game would end.

As the popularity of Quidditch grew, the demand for Snidgets also increased, leading to concerns about the bird's preservation. In 1269, the Chief of the Wizard's Council, Barberus Bragge, officially banned the use of live Snidgets in Quidditch, and a new game ball was created - the Snitch - which was modeled after the Snidget.

The Snitch was enchanted to be very difficult to catch, making the game more challenging and exciting. The Golden Snidget became a protected species, and is now extremely rare in the wizarding world.

In the Harry Potter series, the Golden Snidget is mentioned several times, particularly in relation to the early history of Quidditch. In the sport's early days, a player known as the Hunter was responsible for capturing the Snidget, and the position of Seeker did not yet exist.

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Guest Answered:

Golden snidget

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