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Cheats, tips and tricks for easy gold, more inventory slots and getting legendary gear in Hogwarts Legacy.

While there are no tap in cheat codes for Hogwarts Legacy, there are a number of cool cheats that are currently working for Hogwarts Legacy to get free gold, legendary items and more, check out these Hogwarts Legacy cheats below while they are still working and get off to a great early head start in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy Money Cheat

If you are looking for a great way to grind some gold at the start of the game, then this trick is definitely one you should take a look at.

To get this cheat to work and starting farming gold at a rate of about 10,000 Gold per 10 minutes, you simply need to complete the mission 'Secrets of the Restricted Section', that will get you the Disillusionment Charm.

With the Disillustionment Charm you cast it on yourself then go open Eye chests because the eye will not be able to see you.

These chests will give you 500 gold per chest and you should be able to grind through all of the them in about 10 minutes - there are about 20.

Now with that process done, you should have a ton of free gold.

How to Get More Gear Slots

You can never have enough inventory slots in games like Hogwarts Legacy and you'll probably find that you can easily fill up your 20 gear slots very quickly.

To get more gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy you first need to unlock Merlin Trials, once you have done that, check out their locations on the map and head over to where one that you want to do is located.

To activate a Merlin trial you'll need Mallowsweet leaves which you can grow or purchase in The Magic Neep shop.

Then basically you should complete the trial and keep grinding through as many as you can. Checking the Challenge Tab will keep an eye on your progress through the Merlin Trials and when you complete enough you'll get the next reward which should usually include an increase in your gear slots. All in all you should be able to unlock another 20 gear slots just by completing Merlin Trials.

It is a bit of a grind, but let's face if in this game you can never have enough gear slots.

More Easy Ways to Get Gold

Here are a couple more ways to farm some gold easily in the game.

Hunting Beasts

Apart from the Eye Chests trick you can also grind gold in Hogwarts Legacy by first of all getting the Nab Sack which you after complete the quest, 'The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom.' (#28).

With the Nab Sack head to a beast hunting location and capture any of the beasts until your Nab Sack is full up.

Then when you are done, head to the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade and sell your inventory of beasts for 120 gold each.

You can go back later to hunting spots and fill your Nab Sack again and repeat the whole process for more gold as the beasts will respawn soon in the hunting locations.

Sell Spare Gear

Another easy way to get more gold is to go through your gear slots and sell anything that you don't want or need in any of the shops. The better the quality of the gear the more gold you'll get.

Apart from being a good way to get a bit more gold in the game, it is also good to regularly clear out your inventory as you only have limited slots.

How to Get Legendary Items

There are lots of ways to get Legendary Items in Hogwarts Legacy. And one of the best videos that we have seen on how to do this is here. Check it out for good information on how and where to get guaranteed legendary items early in Hogwarts Legacy

Check out our answers page for loads more information how how to get items and spells in complete parts of the game in Hogwarts Legacy.

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