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Cursed Tomb Treasure is one of the many Side Quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

However, it’s one of the few out of them that doesn’t show you exactly where to go.

Keep reading to learn how to complete Cursed Tomb Treasure and to find out exactly what to do.

Cursed Tomb Treasure

This is one of the side quests in the game which a lot of people may need some help figuring out what to do and where to go.

But before you get stared with it we recommend that you are at least level 23 because of the enemies that you will face on the Cursed Tomb Treasure side quest could be as high as level 27.

The first step in completing the Cursed Tomb Treasure side quest is to find the locked chest. Head to the Manor Cape and go down to the basement, to be able to do this you will need to have the spell Alohamora III.

Defeat the enemies and then unlock the chest using Alohamora.

With the enemies defeated and the chest unlocked, head to the Tomb of Treachery and find the room with the open stone coffin.

Before you get there you will encounter a moth puzzle door, so you will have to do some searching around to get the moths needed to open this door.

Clear spiderwebs where possible as you will find some lurking behind those. Use a fire spell to do this.

Defeat Spiders and Webs with your Fire Spells
Defeat Spiders and Webs with your Fire Spells

If you need help locating the moths for the moth puzzle door then basically, one is to the left of the puzzle door and you'll find two to the right of the door.

Clear some spiderwebs and head down the hallway to find them.

With the moths found, you should now be able to open the moth puzzle door.

Head through the door and through there you should eventually run into a floor puzzle.

To solve the floor puzzle in the Cursed Tomb Treasure side quest, use the Flipendo Spell on the center top stone, the bottom left stone and bottom right stone.

This should solve the puzzle and you should now be able to get the treasure and complete this side quest.

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