Hidden Hotel

Hints and Tips for Hidden Hotel

Hints and Tips for Hidden Hotel
Hidden Hotel Guide

Hidden hotel is fun to play but can take a lot to master. Check below for our hints and tips for playing through the levels and earning your rewards to complete the hotel.


Every time you play a level you will need energy. You can see how much you have in the energy bar at the top of the screen. So you will know how much you can play. This energy bar will fill by 1 point every 2 minutes, so it doesn't take too long to refill by itself but if you play a lot of level you can empty it just as fast.

How to get more Energy

Complete in game tasks some tasks reward you with energy.
Fill up the Task bar: filling the task bar can also occasionally reward energy points as well as other good rewards.
Fill up Collections: Collectable items can be found once you unlock the Staff Room (Day 3). Completing collections will give rewards.
Join a Club: Join a club to let you request help from other players.
Spend Coins: You can spend Coins to fill your energy by certain amounts.
Complete in game days: Whenever you finish an in game day your energy bar will fill up to the maximum.

Tip: Before completing an in game day try consuming as much of the energy you have remaining. You will then get a full refill on your energy bar.


A 'club' in Hidden Hotel is similar to an alliance or guild in other games where you can meet and interact with other players. The main benefits are being able to give and receive help in terms of energy. You will have more energy to play when you need to and helping others will get you more coins to use.


Boosters are very useful tools to use when you struggle with a level. You will not want to waste these but using them at the right times will help greatly. There are 3 in game boosters that you find on the bottom left side of the screen. The first one instantly finds 3 random objects from the ones needed. The second one is the time adder, which will add 45 seconds to your timer in game. The third one is a sonar which scans the whole scene for all the objects. Each will be very useful at the right time but best to use only when you need to. Remember that the levels get more and more difficult with each turn.


You can replay levels until you gain the full 10 stars from each and replaying will let you learn the the items and locations. The more you play each one the better you will be able to do.

There are 3 types of stages in the game:
Name stages you have to find the objects by their name.
Shape stages you only have the shape of an object to identify it with.
Cobweb stages here you only need to find the cobwebs located in the room. Simple but not always easy.

Finding Objects
The objects you need to locate will always be found in a couple of possible positions. As you play and learn the level pay close attention to these positions and try to memorise them. This will help you master the levels after a few playthroughs and give you the chance to gain the full 10 stars.

Tip: You can get bonuses for finding items rapidly so if possible try to locate several before tapping on them individually so that you can get them all together.

If you want some cool rewards try to collect as many objects as you can and complete levels fast. THe bestter you do the higher you can appear in the rankings.

If you have any other tips for playing Hidden Hotel please let us know in the comments and if you have any questions for the game or can help others them please head to the Answers Page.

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