Hidden Hotel

Hidden Hotel

Version: 1.1.24 | Users Interact, Digital Purchase

Hidden Hotel is a hidden object discovery game with an engaging storyline. You utilise energy in order to discover objects in each room as you travel through the story of the game.

Find Everything in Hidden Hotel
Find Everything in Hidden Hotel

Cheats and Tips

While there are no tap in cheats as such we can offer a few helpful gameplay tips that will help you to maximise your energy in the game.

1) Complete the Daily Box award
This will give you a bonus in the game

2) Try to work out where everything is in the hidden object room before you start, finding items in quick succession will give you a better bonus.

3) Use the lantern to find an items you are missing. However you should do this in emergencies only as you don't get many in the game.

4) If you have spare time, use up all of your energy to gain stars. Then over time your energy will refill again.

5) Run out all of your energy before completing a day and moving onto the next as sometimes one of the bonuses for completing a day will be to restore all of your energy 100%.

6) If you are running our of time, you can use a key to find an item. But you only have a few of these.

Our first impressions of the game is that it is a well made an enjoyable hidden object game. If you have any tips that you would like to share, please drop them in as a comment below, or if you are stuck, feel free to ask a question and hopefully someone on our website will be able to help.

If you are running low on energy and what some tips on how to get some more, check out this page of our guide: Get More Energy
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I love the game but they keep taking points from you or just don't give them to you. But I'm about ready to move on to a game that gives you your points.
1.5 / 5.0

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