Hidden Hotel

Get More Energy

Get More Energy
Hidden Hotel Guide

The amount of time you can play the game is really dictated by how much energy you have available to you in the game.

You start with a load but it is rapidly depleted as you work your way through all of the hidden object games.

1) Wait for more energy
Free energy is naturally restored by the game at a rate of 1 energy every two minutes

2) Time your bonuses
Some tasks in the game are connected with 100% restoration of your energy. In times like these, such as when you start a new day, it is better that you use up all of your existing energy first trying to get stars before claiming this prize.

3) Complete collections
Complete Collections for Free Energy
Complete Collections for Free Energy

Check the suitcase icon at the bottom left of the game screen. This will show you what you need to collect in order to get complete specific collections. For each one that you complete you will get a reward which usually includes some energy among other things.

4) Use Coins

Use Coins to Purchase Food for Energy
Use Coins to Purchase Food for Energy

When you are out of energy and want to play a hidden object round you get given the option to purchase food energy with coins. Coins are what you earn in the game although these can also be purchased in the game using real money. There are a few options, but for example, a sandwich will give you 50 energy back and cost 2000 coins.

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