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Review by GuestJan 23rd 2021
I enjoy it. I have bought some promos you have..
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Review by GuestOct 23rd 2020
I love this game and I am fed up with trying to get into it
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Review by GuestOct 5th 2020
Loved it at first. Has a lot of hitches takes forever crashes often do you have to start over while looking for treasures after 50 seconds kicked me out so I lose my energy. Hope I can find a game like this that works.
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Review by GuestAug 24th 2020
I have been playing this game for almost a year it froze up On me 2 times Had to quit for about a month then it came back on you never find out after you get the hotel all done what the story plot was they start you on a beach I've only done To rooms on the beach then it stopped its like they have to Catch up with the game so you can keep playing Then when you do buy extra things you don't get it all you go to Whale app to let them know . I've taken Screenshots and everything else and Stated what was the problem and Emailed it to them. I get the same response over and over and over what the problem Is, would I didn't get.
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Review by GuestJul 31st 2020
Sick of game saying they are updating scenes. When in the world will that be done. Gonna quit playing!
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Review by GuestJul 9th 2020
Good game but keeps freezing and then switches off. Have to keep reloading which takes ages and then freezes again
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Review by GuestJul 5th 2020
It’s annoying to earn stars, only to have characters talking to each other instead of opening new levels or getting decorations.
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Review by GuestJun 29th 2020
Game keeps freezing and I probably only get to play for 30 secs instead of the 1.10 time.
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Review by GuestJun 9th 2020
I love the game only problem is it restarts after some level. Again I have to play all over from starting.... I am not able to pass level after 6 or 7 days.. Pls fix this problem. Or advise me if there is some process to save the game . Would love to give 5 stars if my problem resolved.
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Review by GuestMay 9th 2020
I really enjoy this game. However, the storyline is often annoying but, you can skip those bits. I’d rather just make hotel improvements than add to the storyline by ‘fixing’ things or ‘calling’ people but I play it mainly to improve my memory & I hope/think it’s working!
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Review by GuestMay 6th 2020
Игра хорошая но поле обновления пошло на перекосяк
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Review by GuestApr 30th 2020
I ready like this game and have been playing for months. However it has been frozen for 3 days now.
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Review by GuestApr 26th 2020
The time allowed is ridiculous you have to allow time to read what you need to find. I play this game just for enjoyment not aggregation. Do something about it or else there are plenty of other games
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Review by GuestFeb 29th 2020
There are a lot of problems with it. It takes ages to load & can be glitchy. One particular multiplayer option appears rigged so that no matter how high your score, someone always beats you at the very end. It has some embarassingly bad characters, terrible grammar and a lousy plot. Some examples: two annoying and immature men fighting like children for the heart of a very unlikeable 'actress' whose snarky face seems to be plastered everywhere. A demanding kid who keeps getting into trouble because apparently nobody can stand up to a 5-year-old and tell her that run down parts of the hotel are off-limits. Stars, which are earned by object searching, are used to progress and can take a fair bit to earn. Often, they are then wasted on pointless actions that add neither to the hotel's improvement nor the story: like mopping up spilled coffee, tasting cake or playing bad songs. The game essentially runs on microtransactions and ads revenue. The hidden objects rooms and vacations are fun though, when they aren't expecting you to spot 20 objects in 30 seconds. They are the reason for the 2 stars. Otherwise it would get a zero. I truly believe the high Google Play ratings are due to bots.
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Review by GuestFeb 12th 2020
Game will not open. No one responds to reported problem.
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Review by GuestFeb 11th 2020
I really enjoy the hidden object scenes and the renovation aspect is fine too. The storyline and characters are mostly boring and cliché, however. It also takes a long time to progress unless you compete in tournaments that often require using a lot of resources in order to actually succeed. A number of reviews suggest we get less and less time as we level up. If it gets to the point where we only get 1 minute in regular mode, then I'll uninstall the game. Super hard mode, I can understand, but not when you're trying to learn the level. Perhaps making the harder modes optional but with better rewards would make the game more user-friendly across the board.
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Review by GuestJan 7th 2020
Love this game but changing clubs is risky. Finding a new one you can join is difficult unless you want to join club with 1-15 people.
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Review by GuestJan 5th 2020
Enjoyable and light.
A lot of loading time though.
Some of the tips that runs through loading are not clear such as the bonus scale one
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Review by GuestDec 28th 2019
Absolutely loved this game but am sick and tired of it continually crashing and losing all my energy and coins
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Review by ddesmidt34Dec 14th 2019
Love the game, my daughter made me try it and now I am hooked!
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Review by GuestNov 25th 2019
Since updating I cannot play hidden hotel anymore
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Review by GuestNov 23rd 2019
Used to enjoy the game but all the changes have made the game unplayable. Got to day 43 and all it does is crash not been able to play for over 2 weeks. A friend completed day 10 and when I claimed my free hours the game crashed and lost 4 hours. I was told by the developers it would stop crashing when the issue next update. So updated 3 days ago and it still crashes, the developers tried to blame my phone for not having enough memory, and not the latest operating system which I do and internet connection. They have no intention of fixing the bugs in the game. Do not spend any money on this game they are ripping people off. Since playing they have removed my collection items, introduced super and treble modes, increased energy from 15 to 60 to play and it now takes 16 hours to full the energy bar. What was once an ok game to play is now just rubbish. I will be deleting as developers are just trying to trap people into using their own money. Also the group competitions are unfair as many teams have over 50 members when the limit is 50. I set up a group over 3 months ago and not one player has joined. This game is now disappointing.
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Review by GuestNov 6th 2019
I enjoy playing the game if I can just get the daily box unlocked.
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Review by GuestOct 24th 2019
Does anyone have it crashing all the time I really injoy this game but now all it does is crash
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Review by GuestOct 19th 2019
Game is challenging and graphic is nice BUT SUPPORT IS EXTREMELY LOUSY!!!! NEVER get back to you what happened!!! Don't waste time! This game always got problems either items suddenly not loading or locked, energy not filling up to full even after a day, game not loading to last played, search item not showing but when used aided tool "torch light", circle the area that totally has no item, etc too many flaws!!! Anyhow, don't expect support will do or help you on your game. Leave it & don't waste time!
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Review by GuestOct 19th 2019
I like the game, when it came to the hard mode I was annoyed but soon gave it a try to complete a round to get the star filled up, I found it went back to green mode but the last star you need it gives you a chance to triple your rewards, the cobwebs and the collecting the coins round are super fun, try to do the daily challenge it gives you 24 hours to complete it, sometimes you can go it in a short time or longer, save your lanterns radars keys, so if stuck use one, the parrot takes 1500 to feed, he does help, I’m saving my stars to do up a room, I give the game 9/10, it is fun a mystery story line, the different characters have something to hide, tip, if you get to the round with the F and it is backwards get a mirror to complete the game I know you have to be quick to play but it is worth it, also try tapping onto the items using two fingers as if you are typing on a keyboard
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Review by GuestOct 14th 2019
I'm new to the game. I loved it at first but the time they give you now ( especially in the hard mode ) is extremely difficult. Plus some items are so small that hitting them directly is impossible, I've tried to hit them several times but because of my big balloon fingers I keep missing and then they deduct time from my game. Plus my vision isn't that great and being older I could sure use more time to look around! lol
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Review by GuestOct 6th 2019
I enjoyed this game up until the last update. The harder levels are impossible. I am not playing it anymore
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Review by GuestOct 2nd 2019
Updates are to get you to finish what you started because of invested time.
But, I've got over $50 in micro transactions. I could use what I've worked for in the first 30 days which have taken me months and it is what it is or invest more $$ to finish the game at 41 day. Right now I've been trying to fill several to get stars but, at hard levels I can't do it in 30 seconds. Good luck y'all
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Review by GuestSep 29th 2019
I really liked this game b4 i started getting all my doors locked. I would have 2 play as a guest to start over. I paid 4 unlimited 6 hours 2 get 6 stars. next day i was locked out of every door and lost 6 stars. I guess i have 2 find a game like this with less technology issues
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Review by GuestSep 26th 2019
Love playing the search game and trying to go faster each time.
I’m in a club and it’s fun competing with other clubs.
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Review by GuestSep 22nd 2019
I hate what the last update did to this game as well as everyone I have talked to does. I will not spend another dime playing until you go back to the way it was! What were you thinking?
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Review by GuestSep 20th 2019
Loved this game was my favourite, but after an update its become almost impossible to play, what are the developers thinking they have totally ruined what was one of the best games I've ever had. Why change it when so many people loved it, its almost impossible to enjoy know it takes so much energy to play one game and take hours for it to regenerate, they've made it so difficult to play and enjoy maybe others are deleting the app and I must admit I thi k I probably will too as you feel like your never getting anywhere, please if anyone of importance is reading this take not of what your fans think and change it back ASAP so many people are so dissapointed.
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Review by GuestSep 19th 2019
Rip off u have to wait 24 hours to have 7 plays outragious
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Review by GuestSep 19th 2019
Not happy that they have changed the game to hard and harder mode would be better if you had 3 options. And I have spent money on the game. Won't be playing anymore
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Review by GuestSep 18th 2019
I loved this game until the last update today. Why did you change the point value to play? I will probably quit the game now. Very frustrated!
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Review by GuestSep 18th 2019
New updates are annoying. Pretty lame actually.
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Review by GuestSep 17th 2019
I loved it up until the last few updates. You have the new levels hard and super hard where you can double your points or the super hard where you triple your points... almost impossible. Also you just upped my bank from 110 to 480 but instead of 15 to play, it now costs 60. Starting to dislike it more and more.
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Review by GuestSep 15th 2019
Started off great - turning really crap with all their ‘enhancements’ e.g. Hard Mode, spot the Difference, Silhouettes, ‘invisible’ spider webs etc. These should be optional at best. Way to go to spoil a good app?
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Review by GuestSep 13th 2019
It’s getting too hard. Think I’m about ready to delete!
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Review by GuestSep 8th 2019
It could be very fun if we will be given unlimited life after we complete the 10 stars in one scene, just like in some other games..thank u!
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Review by GuestSep 7th 2019
It is a fun game. You find the objects in each scene and collect them to fill Stars. The Stars help you to complete Tasks (You can get up to 10 to finish a scene). After you finish all tasks for the in-game day, you can get rewards like energy which you use 15 to play, or 20 for completed scenes. However, as your level increases, it is harder to get stars, so it’s a bit disappointing to use them to start a new day. I hope you can fix this slight “problem”. If not, I will definitely rate this 5/5
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Review by GuestSep 2nd 2019
I have enjoyed playing the game. It is challenging but I enjoy it.
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Review by GuestAug 31st 2019
No more simulated difficulty!!! Ahem. I prefer games that require skill.
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Review by GuestAug 31st 2019
I was having fun and sometimes paid to get extra stuff. Now it has suddenly got harder and it is much more frustrating to play. Games should be fun, then people play them. Suddenly make them harder to get players to spend much more and people will stop playing. I bet fewer people are playing since the last update.
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Review by GuestAug 31st 2019
App closes when you click the start button. If I uninstall, I would have to start all over again. Too bad
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Review by GuestAug 27th 2019
They don’t even answer most of the questions that one asks. They also put the ratings higher than they really are.
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Review by GuestAug 27th 2019
I was really enjoying this game at first. But now that I am on Day 26, the levels only give you 60 seconds to find everything. I can't complete the levels in time! It is really frustrating considering how much money I have already shelled out for this stupid game. Now, I hate the stupid game.
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Review by GuestAug 26th 2019
Love this game but can no longer open it. Hope there is a fix soon.
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Review by GuestAug 24th 2019
It was fun until now it closes on me now when I log in
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Review by GuestAug 18th 2019
Angry that I had to start over from beginning with last update, paid $$$ progress lost.
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Review by GuestAug 15th 2019
I love this game the only problem I had it was the update. I had a hard time to get it.
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Review by GuestAug 9th 2019
Fun to play. The storyline makes it interesting. The different rooms and variety is great. I wish more coins (bonus) were available as levels advance. Playing for 10 coins does not help with game progression.
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Review by GuestAug 1st 2019
Hidden Hotel and Diggy are my two favorites.
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Review by Sj60Jul 31st 2019
It's AWESOME game I love it can't stop playing it but the energy runs out quickly that the problem ty
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Review by GuestJul 28th 2019
It's very addicting and challenging, can't stop playing.
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Review by GuestJul 26th 2019
When I put fire out in living room game freezes
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Review by GuestJul 21st 2019
Complicated as hell. You don't even get into the room even if you clear the stars!?!?
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Review by CaelyJul 18th 2019
I love the fact that the developer does not misrepresent the game in ads as is so common these days. As for the game itself, so far it's great. Challenging but still enjoyable.
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Review by GuestJul 17th 2019
I really enjoy this game, but I don't like losing coins that I have won or the clocks, batteries and credit cards that are hard to find to begin with. Please fix these issues.
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Review by GuestJul 7th 2019
I love it but I'm currently having issue with my debit card being declined.
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Review by GuestJul 4th 2019
Love it, it's interesting and fun. Love all the different rooms and the story line running in the background.
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Review by GuestJun 19th 2019
Great game! Great Ideas. Glitches are never ending and you can spend real money and get nothing to show for it. It is a mystery? Customer service is horrible horrible horrible. I’m hooked but no more real $$$$$ will be used so when the next glitch happens (and it will). The only thing that I loose is time.
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Review by GuestMay 27th 2019
Love the game
Takes too many tries to fulfill each star to complete the task. Be sure to follow the green list on the bottom left corner. That’s how you play the game
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Review by GuestMay 25th 2019
I liked the game very much, until I was unable to claim my winning coins
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Review by GuestMay 22nd 2019
Love the game it’s my favorite! I like it better then toon blast!
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Review by GuestMay 21st 2019
Fun but would be nice to get free health easier/faster without spending money. The energy runs out way too fast and if your lucky, you'll get 30 mins worth of game time.
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Review by GuestApr 29th 2019
Great game to improve mental search capabilities.
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Review by GuestApr 24th 2019
Love playing this game but get sick of waiting for the game to update, I have reached day 25 and have been waiting weeks for it to update the next level
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Review by GuestApr 16th 2019
I really enjoyed playing this game but since the last update it keeps crashing. I have tried resetting it the lot. Just turns on then crashes, I missed my deadlines. Not happy will have to find a similar game to play now as this is annoying to get onto. Future advice to people never update.
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Review by GuestApr 4th 2019
I like the game. Play it at least 3 times a day if not more.
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Review by GuestMar 29th 2019
This is probably one of the better hidden object games there is. Unlike a lot of the darker screened ones, its bright and colorful. The mystery story line is fun and engaging and works well with the renovation of the hotel. I highly recommend Hidden Hotel if you like hidden object style games.
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Review by GuestFeb 27th 2019
I love it! It is my favorite game. Used to be Toon Blast but not anymore.
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