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Rerolling Guide

Rerolling Guide
Epic Seven Guide

Rerolling is the process of deleting your account and creating a new one repeatedly until you get the characters that you want on your first summon. This is common in a lot of games in this genre, and the process to reroll may be a bit different in all of them.

Rerolling in Epic Seven

In Epic 7, the reroll process is not too daunting, as the game gives us many chances the get one of the best characters without the need to reinstall the game and find hidden files etc...

The first tip in this process is to initially sign in using a Guest account.

There are two stages where you can have a go at rerolling, after Act 1-4 and after Act 1-10. However the game asks you to input a unique username before you can make your pulls after act 1-4. So choose wisely! Because after you have taken you in-game rerolls after acts 1-4 and 1-10 then if you start over you won't be able to grab that same username again.

After you have completed Act 1-4, go to you inbox and collect the Covenant Bookmarks and the Skystone. With these items you'll get enough currency to do 7 Single Pulls on the Drop Rate Up Destina Banner. And the good news is that these pulls each have a chance to pull 5 Star Heroes.

If you are not happy with the seven pulls you just made then continue to Act-10 and you'll be able to mak3 up to 30 Selective Multi-Summons to see what you can get.

Take a look at our Tier List page to see what are the best heroes in the game. However any of the 5 star heroes would be great to start with.

After all your pulls, and if you still haven't got the heroes you wanted or hoped for then, there is another step you can follow to start over.

Selective Summons Explained

After you complete Act 1-10 you have 30 pulls at a Selective Summon. When it is available you will see the icon on the right on the screen in the Lobby.

Selective Summons
Selective Summons

While making the selective summons, you have 30 opportunites to summon but you can only confirm one of them.

The drop rate for selective summons is different from other rates of summons.

You may only receive one 5 star hero or artifact per summon,

New heroes will not be included in selective summon.

Starting A New Account

Go to the Settings menu and you'll find the reset button you can simply tap that to reset your game, without the need to download the whole game or patches again, and start a fresh account with all the rerolls and other stuff! The only limitation is that you won't hbe able to select the same username as before! Nice and easy!

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