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How to Improve your Heroes

How to Improve your Heroes
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At some point in the game you'll probably hit a brick wall and can not progress further, this generally means you will need to level up your heroes or work on creating a strong team. There are certain things you can-t change or improve in your hero, such as their Element or their Skill Set, but there are some things you can do to improve their ability to get you through the game.

It's really important to equip your heroes with stuff. You'll get it as you play through the game. But the best way to get gear is via the Hunt feature.

As you play through that you'll get some really cool sets of gear as well as XP and other materials.

Remember you can craft any items you really want in the Steel Workshop, so check in on that part of the game to see what you can make to improve your heroes or what you need to find in order to craft some really cool pieces of gear.

Another place to find gear is in the Labyrinth, as you play through this part of the game you'll find some good pieces of gear for your heroes.

When you are beginning in the game, gear is something that is really easy to overlook, but just slapping on a pair of old boots to each hero can really make a positive difference.

Of course the easiest way to add more power to your hero is to level them up. A quick way to do this is to enhance your heroes with penguins, they generally give a fair amount of leveling to your heroes.

A major way to power up your hero is to Awaken them. For this you will need Catalysts, at the beginning it should be relatively easy to awaken your heroes, but as you progress through the Awakening levels it will become more difficult and you'll need more Catalysts.

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