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Launch Events

Launch Events
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Launch Events
To coincide with the Global Launch of Epic Seven. A number of events are taking place in the game where you can gain loads of cool stuff to enhance your game.

Event 1
Make a Connection

How to Make a Connection

Tap the hero on the left side of the lobby

On the right side of the screen choose Elson, Alexa and Silk from the Heroes list

Check the connections missions for each hero and complete them.

After completing all the Connection mnissions, tap the Receive button to obtain the hero.

Event 2
Arky's Special Mission

Complete Arky's Special Missions daily to get the corresponding rewards.
Check back daily for what you need to do to complete the missions and get the rewards.

Event 3
Watch Special Animated Videos

Check out the cutscenes that are hidden throughout Adventure mode.

Cutscenes can be found in the following chapters in Adventure Mode:

Opening Cutscene
1-10 Sanctuary Gate Underground

Cutscene 1
2-10 Sage Minaret

Cutscene 2
3-4 Ki Ruburan

Cutscene 3
7-9 Tagehel Ruins

Cutscene 4
10-9 Hall of Hallucinations

Cutscenes cannoy be viewed from the Events page, but from their respective chapters in adventure mode.

To complete watching Cutscene 2, you must clear stage 3-8, re-enter and clear stage 3-4, then go to Stage 4-1 to clear it

These special events are only available on the Global and Asia servers.

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