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Creating a Strong Team

Creating a Strong Team
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When going into battle in Epic Seven there are four slots for your heroes to form a team. It's important that you have a team with good balance for the level you are playing, but in every case there are some general rules to follow.

1. Always have a strong healer
We take a look out who we think are the best healers in the game here. Destina is my favorite but if you don't have her yet, you'll need to find another.

2. DPS Attacker
A high Damage per Second attacker is pretty much essential as well! Make sure they are well leveled up so you can have a powerful attacker. A hero such as Sez fits this role well.

For your other slots you may want to consider other heroes that will compliment your healer, and DPS attacker, it will really depend on what heroes you have leveled up and which ones you have unlocked too.

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