EMERGENCY HQ - free rescue strategy game

Quick Emergency HQ Tips and Hints

EMERGENCY HQ - free rescue strategy game
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Quick Emergency HQ Tips and Hints
EMERGENCY HQ - free rescue strategy game Guide


Completing missions involve a lot of hard work! And what's worse is that taking care of patients, fighting fires, towing trucks, etc. happens all at the same time.

With that, it is essential to have the right tools and resources every time you embark on a new mission.

So if preparing for a mission means gathering enough Emeralds, making sure to have a couple of verticopters on stand-by, being ready may entail different efforts. And so, here are a few quick tips for Emergency HQ that will help you get by and collect those Emeralds.

Log in Everyday.

Emergency HQ provides players a chance to earn Emeralds for free by simply opening the app. It is recommended to get to complete seven consecutive log-in's to the game in order to get the maximum number of free (6) Emeralds.

If you miss out logging in on a particular day, the seven-day streak will be broken and you will have to start from Day 1 again.

Watch Ads at the Simulation Center.

Get two (2) Free Emeralds everytime you complete a 30-second ad in the Simulation Center. Once you've claimed the free Emeralds, you may come back to the Simulation Center to claim another two Emeralds after 15 minutes.

Complete Player Registration.

Log in and complete all the required fields to get a maximum of 100 free Emeralds!

Complete Achievements and Heroic Deeds.

Keep playing and complete all the achievements and Heroic Deeds (e.g. Earn 5 Platinum Medals, Rescue 15 people, etc) in order to get free Emeralds. The higher the star rating in the completion of the Heroic Deeds, the more Emeralds you get. In fact, you may get a maximum of 50 Emeralds for free, just by playing the game.

Constantly Upgrade your Units.

As soon as you get enough Coins, upgrade every unit house along with every individual unit. Time is one of the most precious resource in Emergency HQ. The faster each unit fulfills each task, the faster each mission is fulfilled, the more rewards are ready for the player to redeem.

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