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Getting Started

Getting Started
EMERGENCY HQ - free rescue strategy game Guide

While leading an entire team of emergency responders may seem like a huge task, Emergency HQ made it easy for players to get started quickly with a simple and straightforward tutorial.

Everything begins with the head commander leading you to your first ever mission: a house and a tree on fire with a single casualty in dire need of medical attention.

First thing that must be done is to have the emergency doctor check out the injured to administer first-aid treatment. To do this, do the following:
1. Tap on the emergency doctor and tap on the “plus” icon
2. Tap on the injured individual

Note: Make sure that the doctor is not too close to the burning tree or house or that the fire is being controlled. If not, the doctor will be considered a casualty if she stays there longer.

As soon as the doctor is treating the patient, it’s time to treat the fire:
Tap on the fireman and tap on the hose icon
Tap on the burning tree

When the doctor is done treating the patient, the Paramedics team may proceed to bring the injured to the hospital:
Tap on the Paramedics team and tap on the Bring to Hospital icon
Tap on the injured

Things to remember:
1. Check on the list of tasks that have to be done. This summarizes what you need to do for the specific mission

2. Take note of the time it takes to complete the mission. The shorter the completion time, the better your score, thus the better the rewards.

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