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What are Achievements and Heroic Deeds in Emergency HQ?

What are Achievements and Heroic Deeds in Emergency HQ?
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Rescuing cities and a ton of people requires a lot of work. And sometimes, it’s a challenge to keep things in order, or even imagine what to do next?

Achievements and Heroic Deeds is the game’s way of helping you, the player, prioritize what to do first if in case you lose track of what to do next.

But there is a difference between Achievements and Heroic Deeds in Emergency HQ. Primarily, Achievements are those objectives that are quite more generally available to the player and are not time-bound. In contrast, Heroic Deeds are those game objectives that may take more effort and/or time for the player to complete. In addition, Heroic Deeds are not available all the time and may only be available during a specific time period.

Emergency HQ Tip: To get an idea of what a Heroic Deed may be, you may visit other players’ profiles to check a listed Heroic Deed. Having a good idea of a Heroic Deed may help you prepare for it better.

For an example of what Emergency HQ Achievements are, take a look at this list:
1. Seasoned: Reach player level 20
2. Veteran Incident Commander: Successfully Complete 100 missions
3. Windfall: Earn 1,000,000 Coins
4. Way to the Top: Earn 500 League Points in one season
5. Lifesaver: Treat and Transport 100 casualties
6. Firefighter: Extinguish 200 Fires
7. Tower on Duty: Tow 100 wrecks
8. Long Arm of the Law: Arrest 15 unarmed criminals
9. Promotion: Upgrade your Headquarters to Level 3
10. Practice Makes Perfect: Complete 60 training programs in the Training Center
11. Landscape Architect: Place 5 decorations in the mission base
12. Space Clearer: Expand your plot 3 times
13. Vehicle King: Build 8 depots
14. Bronze Hunter: Earn 40 Bronze Medals
15. Silver Hunter: Earn 40 Silver Medals
16. Gold Hunter: Earn 10 Gold Medals
17. Platinum Hunter: Earn 5 Platinum Medals
18. What’s the Catch?: Rescue 15 people and wrecks using the Mobile Crane
19. On the Ladder to Success: Rescue 15 people with the Turntable Ladder Vehicle
20. Nothing’s Too Tough for an Engineer: Repair 15 defects
21. Can Opener: Free 150 people trapped in wrecks with the Hydraulic Cutters
22. You are Dismissed!: Send away 15 onlookers
23. Nonswimmer: Rescue 15 drowning persons
24. Rescue from Above: Rescue 10 people with the Recovery Helicopter
25. Every Second Counts: Defuse 15 bombs
26. Fight Against Terrorism: Arrest 15 armed criminals
27. Who Let the Dogs Out?: Locate 15 missing people with the K-9 Rescue Dog

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