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How to Get Emeralds in Emergency HQ

How to Get Emeralds in Emergency HQ
EMERGENCY HQ - free rescue strategy game Guide

Emeralds are the premium currency in the Emergency HQ game. Having the status of premium currency means that it allows players several special access once used.

Using Emeralds allow you to do the following things in the game:
    Speed up the construction of a facility
    Complete a rescue mission
    Purchase boosters (experience points, thank-you points, and verticopters)
    Purchase monuments that boost a facility’s coin acquisition etc

Being the premium currency that they are, getting them may involve quite a few challenges.

Here are a few ways to get Emeralds:
    Redeem your Daily Log-in Rewards. Make sure to log-in everyday in order to get 2 or 3 Emeralds in a day.

    Complete your registration. Fill out all the details in your registration or player profile to get a total of 100 Emeralds.

    Watch ads through the Simulation Center. Visit the Simulation Center and complete the ads that you watch to get a minimum of 2 Emeralds.

    Complete Heroic Deeds and Achievements. Complete all achievements in your list to get a minimum of 10 Emeralds.

    Pay up to get Emeralds. Load up on your wallet and purchase Emeralds with the use of Coins.

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