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Ever wondered what it’s like to lead a whole team of emergency responders? Whether it’s a house burning down, a cat stuck to a tree, or perhaps a couple of injured people, responding to an emergency is entails clear focus and a strong knowledge of what tools and equipment are needed to properly respond to the situation. For most of us, however, emergency response may not be our cup of tea.

In the simulation game Emergency HQ, Promotion Software GmBH players are given the chance to learn, play, and especially lead a whole team of emergency responders to handle a variety of emergency situations.

In the game, players are given front row seats in all the emergency action happening. Essentially, players will pick what units to activate and what situations they will respond to. While it may seem plain and simple, managing all the tasks is the tricky part as players will have to provide the needed support in the quickest time possible in order to reap the most rewards.

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