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How to use Soul Stones to Promote Cookies

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How to use Soul Stones to Promote Cookies

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How to use Soul Stones to Promote Cookies
How to use Soul Stones to Promote Cookies

When you draw from the gacha in Cookie Run: Kingdom, the most common result you will receive will be items known as Soul Stones, whose primary function is to strengthen your Cookies in order to promote them. This How to use Soul Stones to Promote Cookies guide will tell you everything you need to know about Soul Stones.

When you pull a Cookie from the gacha you already have, the Cookie will be converted into Soul Stones. Every Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom has its own Soul Stone, which you will be unable to share with other Cookies. When you reach the maximum number of Soul Stones for a Cookie, any additional ones will be converted into mileage points, which can then be used in the Mileage Shop. The number of mileage points you can expect to receive is determined on the rarity of the Cookie and the number of Soul Stones.

When Cookies gets promoted, all their base stats are increased, scaling with their level over time. Each additional promotion of a Cookie will require more Soul Stones and Coins.

1-Star: 20 Soul Stones 500 Coins

2-Stars: 30 Soul Stones 5,000 Coins

3-Stars: 50 Soul Stones 10,000 Coins

4-Stars: 70 Soul Stones 50,000 Coins

5-Stars: 100 Soul Stones 100,000 Coins

Gathering 20 Soul Stones of a Cookie you don't have before drawing the Cookie in the Cookie Gacha will give you the option to bake the Cookie yourself from the 'Cookie menu'. When you do this, you will be guaranteed a free pull of the Cookie with the required Soul Stone count. This is something you should always do when the opportunity arises, as getting duplicate Cookies in the gacha system always gives 20 Soul Stones as a reward. The type of cookies you can get from this method also includes Ancient and Legendary Cookies, as their Soul Stones are available in the Medal Shop and Seaside Market. You can also spend mileage points to in the Mileage Shop to stock up on valuable Epic Cookie Soul Stones.

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