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How to get Free Crystals Guide

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How to get Free Crystals Guide

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How to get Free Crystals Guide
How to get Free Crystals Guide

One of the premium in-game currencies in the Cookie Run: Kingdom is Crystals, and they can be used for several things. These include drawing Cookies or their fragments from the gacha, buying resources, speeding-up the ongoing constructions, and unlocking new slots in the production buildings. This How to get Free Crystals Guide will tell you the different methods available in which you can gain crystals without purchasing them from the shop using real money.

Story Mode Missions
You will be able to earn free Crystals the first time you clear Stages and Episodes in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Regardless of how many stars you earned you will always get 20 Crystals, if you managed to clear the stage with 2-star or 3-stars the game will reward you more Crystals.

World Map
Keep an eye on the World Map as you progress through stages in Cookie Run: Kingdom as there will be plenty of treasure chests along the way which will yield free Crystals.

Complete Story Mode Quests
You will be able to get free Crystals from some Story Mode Quests in Cookie Run: Kingdom. You can check the details of the story quests to see which ones yield Crystals by going to the main screen of the game and then tapping the missions icon on the lower-right side.

Fountain of Abundance
The Fountain of Abundance in Cookie Run: Kingdom that gives you idle rewards, which also include free crystals. You will find this feature in the kingdom next to the cookie castle. You can level it up and increase the number of rewards.

You can always get free Crystals in Arena mode, the amount you are rewarded is determined by your rankings.

Complete The Achievements
You can always earn free Crystals by completing the Achievements, you can check these by tapping the cookie avatar in the top-left corner of the screen followed by tapping 'Achievements' at the bottom. Achievements are hard missions, but they are worthwhile trying to complete as they are also rewarding.

There is a possibility that you can get free crystals by using the gift or coupon codes that the developer of the game publishes. You can find out what codes are currently available by going to our Cookie Run: Kingdom Coupon Codes page.

Take a look at our EXP Star Jellies Guide to find out what the most efficient way is to level up your Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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