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Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasure Tier List

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasure Tier List
Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasure Tier List

Treasures in Cookie Run: Kingdom are items that you can bring to a battle that will help you in some way. Some Treasures are Passive, their effects being active at all times while others are Active, and must be tapped to be used, and will come with both charging times and cooldowns. In order to unlock your first treasure chest and obtain your first Treasure, you must pass stage 2-17. From here on in, you can obtain treasures from the Treasure gacha using 1 Treasure Ticket or by spending 200 Crystals. Treasure Tickets can be obtained by participating in special events when they become available, the Bear Jelly Train, or from the Reward Shop.

There are three types of treasures - Normal, Rare, and Epic, this only denotes how often they come up in the gacha, rarer Cookies are not necessarily superior over others of lower rarity. The amount of Treasures you can equip to a team at a time rises with your Cookie Castle Level, you can have up to a maximum of three Treasures. Our Treasure Tier List guide will help make sure you take the best ones into battle.

S-Tier Treasures

- Old Pilgrim's Scroll
Increases ATK% for all Cookies. Bring one to every battle if you can.

- Squishy Jelly Watch
Decreases cooldown for all Cookies. Easy to level up as it is a common treasure.

- Sugar Swan's Shining Feather
Revives the first fallen Cookie with X% of their Max HP. Their skill's cooldown resets upon revival so they can use it straight away.

- Gatekeeper Ghost's Horn
Increased DEF for all Cookies.

A-Tier Treasures

- Bear Jelly's Lollipop

- Grim-Looking Scythe

- Librarian's Enchanted Robes

- Pilgrim's Slingshot

- Bookseller's Monocle

B-Tier Treasures

- Sacred Pomegranate Branch

- Miraculous Ghost Ice Cream

- Priestess Cooki's Paper Charm

- Elder Pilgri's Torch

- Blind Healer's Staff

- Jelly Worm’s Sticky Goo

- Durianeer's Squeaky Flamingo Tube

C-Tier Treasures

- Ginkgoblin's Trophy Safe

- Cheesebird's Coin Purse

Take a look at our Reroll Guide to find out how you can start Cookie Run: Kingdom with an S-Tier Cookie character.

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