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EXP Star Jellies Guide

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EXP Star Jellies Guide
EXP Star Jellies Guide

Feeding your Cookies EXP Star Jellies is the most efficient way to level up your Cookies. Most of the game modes and features in Cookie Run: Kingdom will reward them, these include the Fountain of Abundance, Spring Wisteria Bridge, Tower of Sweet Chaos, Rainbow Shell Gallery, World Exploration, Kingdom Pass Landmarks, and shops such as the Medal Shop or Mileage Exchange. You can also get EXP Star Jellies from events such as the Gift Month events or the Kingdom Arena Tier Rewards events. If you want to spend real money on the game, you can purchase Cookie Upgrade packages at the Shop, which will instantly give you large quantities of EXP Star Jellies.

The easiest way to get star Jellies in Cookie Run: Kingdom is by completing levels, you can play the same level multiple times and collect Star Jellies. Quests is another good way to get Star Jellies, but unlike the levels, quests can only be played once. Occasionally Star Jellies will be offered as free daily gifts or as login rewards.

The amount of Experience Points you are granted from an EXP Star Jelly is determined on the Jelly's level. These levels range from 1 to 8 and their respective given experience rises exponentially as the Level increases. Keep in mind that when a Cookie's Level raises higher, the required Experience Points to gain more levels raises as well. This basically means as you progress in the game, it will become progressively more difficult and lengthy to raise a Cookie's level. Listed below are the levels and the amount of EXP you can expect to receive from the Star Jellies.

- Level 1: 14 Experience

- Level 2: 60 Experience

- Level 3: 150 Experience

- Level 4: 400 Experience

- Level 5: 800 Experience

- Level 6: 1,600 Experience

- Level 7: 3,000 Experience

- Level 8: 8,000 Experience

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