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Cookie Run: Kingdom is a building game that also features role-playing game elements, as you are tasked with constructing buildings and putting together powerful teams of Cookies to battle in the arena. Take a look at the beginner tips below to get help in the game.

Know your Cookies

There are 9 different types of Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom and you need to become familiar with each of their roles.

- Ambush Cookie:

This Cookie is able to cut into enemy lines and target the rear through their skill.

- Bomber Cookie:

This Cookie is a ranged attacker that is able to launch projectiles that cause area damage. Able to do this with their skills too and occasionally give the enemy team a debuff.

- Charge Cookie:

This Cookie is a close ranged attacker that can push enemies back with their skill.

- Defense Cookie:

This is a close range Cookie that will protect the team by tanking, which means this unit will take most of the damage coming in.

- Healing Cookie:

The Cookie is able to restore the team's health.

- Magic Cookie:

This is a ranged Cookie whose skills deal high area damage.

- Ranged Cookie:

This is a ranged Cookie whose basic and skill attacks do high damage to a single or a few enemies.

- Summon Cookie:

This Cookie summons small, weaker units to attack enemies.

- Support Cookie:

This Cookie will apply buffs to the team and debuffs to enemies.

Pull from the Gacha

The gacha is crucial for your success in Cookie Run: kingdom, as it is essential that you spend the Crystals you earn on trying to get Cookies that are better than those you already have. The starting lineup you are given are fine, but they will only take you so far. The gacha holds powerful cookies and items that will make your team better, and you need to take advantage of it whenever possible.

Balance your Cookie Team to Defeat Tough Cake Monsters

If you experience difficulties defeating the Cake Monsters in Cookie Run: Kingdom, you need to balance your team with attack and defense class Cookies. In total there are 9 different kinds of Cookies Classes you can use - Attack, Defence, Healing, Bomber, Ambush, Charge, Ranged, and Support. If you are a new player and don't know any lethal Cookie combination, you can try tapping 'AUTO' in the team building lobby and the game will optimize a team with what cookies you have available. You can also try giving your Cookie team an extra boost before the battle by equipping Treasures. You will be able to equip Treasures can be obtained from the Treasure Gacha, Events, Bear Jelly Train deliveries, Real Money Purchases, from the Kingdom Arena reward shop, and on random rare occasions as free gifts in the Mailbox. You can equip up to three Treasures at a time to your Cookie team.

Use Skill Powders to Upgrade Cookie Skills

A Cookies Skill in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a Cookies individual combat ability, which is an action that can only be performed when its cooldown is cleared. These Cookie Skills can be upgraded using skills powder, which will increase the effectiveness of the Cookie Skill by upping one or more of its stats. The most efficient way to acquire Skill Powder is through completing Today's Bounties. Other ways you can get Skill Powder are from the Trading Port/Seaside Market, Rainbow Shell Gallery, Medal Shop, and specific World Exploration stages. Make sure you upgrade the Skills of your Cookies whenever you have Skill Powder, so you improve your chances of defeating tough cake monsters. When spending Skill Powders, try to maintain a balance by not spending too much on a particular skill.

Add Cookie Toppings to Buff Cookies

Before you send out your team of cookies for a battle, be sure to add Cookie Toppings on top of the Cookies in order to buff them. There are several types of toppings you can equip, and doing so will grant your Cookies bonus effects and stats. Listed below are the different Cookie Toppings you can add along with the ability they will give you. Choosing the right Cookie Topping for the right situation is the key to winning or losing a battle. Each Cookie in your team can have a max of 5 Cookie Toppings equipped at a time.

- Searing Raspberry Topping: + Attack

- Bouncy Caramel Topping: + Attack Speed

- Solid Almond Topping: + DMG Resistance

- Fresh Kiwi Topping: + Debuff Resistance

- Hard Walnut Topping: + DEF

- Healthy Peanut Topping: + HP

- Juicy Apple Jelly Topping: + CRIT

- Hearty Hazelnut Topping: +Crit Resistance

- Swift Chocolate Topping : CD/Cooldown Benefit

- Sweet Candy Topping: Boosts Buffs Power/Amplify Buffs

Collect Resources to Build the Ultimate Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a town building game that you can customize and decorate to your liking, the key to building the Ultimate Kingdom is collecting Resources. In order to do this, you should prioritize building and upgrading whenever possible the Lumberjack’s Lodge, Sugar Quarry, and Smithy, as all three buildings are essential for producing resources. It also helps considerably if you unlock resources such as Suger Cubes, Candy Saws, Roll Cake Wood, and lots of sweet buildings. Don't forget, you can use Crystals to unlock extra slots for resource storage.

Hot Air Balloon Rewards

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, you will eventually unlock a colored hot air balloon that is docked nearby to the Cookie Castle. If you prepare a team of Cookies and send them on the Hot Air Balloon Expedition, you will be granted rewards that include Toppings, Soul-stones, and Coins when you reach the destination of the expedition. Make sure you fly out with your strongest Cookies as this will increase the chance for a Super Success, which doubles the Coins and Kingdom EXP reward, and adds more Toppings to the drop pool.

Participate in Daily Bounties

It's always worthwhile participating in the daily bounties, as they are an easy way to power up your Cookies' skills. Simply complete a bounty to be rewarded with a Skill Powder, which you can then use to level up a Cookie's skill and make it more powerful.

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