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We'll start off our guide with a general overview of hints and tips.

Seeing as anyone could be reading this guide we have made this hints and tips page suitable for beginners as well as semi-advanced players too.

Beginner Tips
You are going to need eight strong cards, that give you good versatility against all attacks and can break down any defense.

There is no single pack that will definitely beat another pack (assuming you are equally matched in terms of your trophies and where you are in the game) - so the idea is to build a good balanced deck.

At the time of writing my current favourite deck is as follows:

Baby Dragon
Fire Spirits

These are all pretty basic cards that can mostly be gained early on in the game. However if you don't have them all there are pretty good substitutes eg Witch instead of Wizard. Spear Goblins insterad of Fire Spirits, Meteor instead of Rocket, Hog Rider instead of Giant, Minions instead of Archers.

Anyway, I'll explain the reasons behind my choices.

The Giant is your tank he will beat a path through to the enemy castle, only being distracted by other buildings that may be placed in front of him.

This is very annoying as it very simple to put a cheap canon in the middle of the board to make the Giant switch direction before he gets to your tower. And to combat players like this we have the Baby Dragon and the Rocket. If there is a building in the center of the board and your giant can't get passed, simply place your Baby Dragon as far to the left or the right of the screen as possible and he should shoot straight towards the enemy tower and not the building in the center.

We also have the Rocket, between the Baby Dragon and Rocket and careful management of your elixir you should be able to defend your position which taking down at least one enemy tower.

The Rocket is also very useful in taking out Elixir Collector Buildings. If they are placed next to a Princess Tower, then you can target the Rocket to hit both the tower and the elixir collector. It would not be a good move to target the king tower and the elixir collector while your opponent has both Princess Towers.

The other guys in the deck are really just the supporting cast. The Knight is superb value at 3 elixir and when placed directly in front of a tower against a group of four barbarians it will most take them out.

When you are ready to launch an all out assault start with your Giant and place a long range shooter behind, from this deck it could be archers, baby dragon, wizrd or even the fire spirits. The Princess tower should focus it's attack on the giant, allowing your long range shooters to attack the tower or other defenders.

Beware of attacks from behind on out long range attackers, so you may also want to stick Barbarians or a Knight back there too.

The First Card
In a match it's really important to have a good first throw, so I'll give you a rundown of what I do and what I don't!

Firstly I will only throw the Rocket as a first card against an Elixir Collector or an Elixir Collector and Princess Tower together. Don't throw it against a Giant and Tower. It would also make a good throw if you could send the Rocket to completely take out a decent unit (eg Musketeer or Barbarians) as well as hitting the Princess Tower. Same for buildings, some people place as their first card the Barbarian or Spear Hut right next to a Princess Tower - Hit both together with your rocket as your first card.

If you can (and your opponent has not thrown a card), wait until your Elixir hits 10 before making your first move, then go straight in with one of your lower elixir cards, the Knight, Archers or Baby Dragon would be the only choices for me from my example deck. And place them in a bottom corner of the playing field. Don't be scared to throw first.

Another good move is to counter the Elixir Collector card is to throw your Giant into the match straigh away, right up next to a bridge and send a long range attacker just behind it. Your opponent will find it hard to defend due to the elixir spent on the collector.

Find an Active Clan
It really helps if you can be part of an active clan, one which donates cards to you and one which asks for donations from you. Every donation you make adds to your gold and King Level experience.

Spend Your Gems Wisely
In my opinions I would only use gems to get coins to make upgrades and not to speed up the opening of chest (unless it is just for one or two gems). There will always be another chest around the corner if your slots are full - just be patient, you'll need all the gems you can get to exchange for coins to upgrade your cards.

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