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Clash Royale is to ultimate card collecting, real time multiplayer battle game from one of the best publishers in the business, Super Cell. Clash Royale has been around for years and continues to evolve. Some of the latest updates in 2020 have included a whole new revision to the Clan Wars format. We've been playing the game for a long time now, and have put together the following set of Clash Royale Tips and Strategy which are suitable for beginners and hopefully some experts may even be able to puck up a tip or two too.

Clash Royale Tips and Strategy

We're gonna try to put a lot of info on this one page, so we'll split this section into beginner and advance tips.

Beginner Tips

Building a Beginner Deck
When you are starting out it doesn't matter so much which cards you have you just need to upgrade them. Look out for any of the following key cards in the beginning and try to upgrade these:

Hog Rider
Mini Pekka

If you seem to be getting a lot of one of these cards, then upgrade that one and build your deck around that.

A great beginners deck could be:

Mini Pekka
Baby Dragon
Goblin Hut

The idea of this deck would be to wait until you have almost full energy, then throw the Giant behind the middle tower, the put some of your ranged fighters behind the Giant such as the Musketeer.

The Knight and Mini Pekka are both really strong, especially against single enemies, they are a bit slow against multiple targets, which is why we can use the Baby Dragon too to easily kill groups of skeletons or goblins.

In no time at all with a deck like the one above that you are continually upgrading you will be flying up the arenas.

We will take a more in-depth look at deck building in our guide as it is a massive subject.

Play First or Wait
It seems that the majority of players like to sit an wait for the opponent to throw their first card. 90% I throw first unless I have a really unsuitable deck. I throw first when my energy is at 9.5 to not waste any energy while my card is spawning, I don't wait for 10. The best place to throw your first card is usually in the center behind the middle tower.

Fast Starts
There is an exception to waiting until you get to 9.5 energy to throw your first card, and that is when you are playing a fast deck, and you may want to throw your first card as soon as your game loads, this works well with Hog Rider or Fire Spirits or Furnace.

Play the Events
The events are a great way to earn more coins, gems and trade tokens, keep an eye out for these and try to get as far as you can in them.

Find a Good Clan
Search the system for a good clan, you want to find one with plenty of members and a lot of activity especially with donations. Don't be afraid to lose cards in donations as you get some compensation for this in terms of some points towards your next tower level.

Buy what cards you can in the shop
Look out for interesting cards in the shop, some deals are good and even if you are not using the card right now, they are still worth buying to trade or for donations of maybe for secondary decks later down the line.

Advanced Tips

Build Multiple Decks
With the introduction of the new Clan Wars in 2020, it's really important that high scoring players have at least 4 good decks that they can use in a war. You may want o focus on maxing one deck first, or getting one deck to level 12 and then trying to do the same with the other three.

Learn Good Deck Combos and Adjust
There are some great deck combos out there. Some are annoying as hell to play against. Best of all a good balanced deck will take you far in the game. Take note of which cards you are having problems against and add in a suitable counter.

For example, my best deck is Golem Based, I average about a 5700 score at the end of a season. I was getting hit a lot by the Inferno Tower, so I added Lighting to my deck, it's a great counter if used in the right way as a surprise attack in the last minute of the game - absolutely crushing so often.

Donate, Donate, Donate - Get to King Tower Level 13
You need to do whatever you can to get to Tower Level 13, and this means a lot of donations. So find an active clan with lots of donate requests and donate whatever, whenever you can. I was pretty late to get to Level 13 King Tower, and it is really frustrating to lose by a couple of hit points to a higher level player that started off with a couple hundred more hit points than me!

Be Positive
Don't wait to attack in the beginning, don't be afraid to throw first with a slow moving card or massive tank such as a Golem. In my favorite deck I throw my Furnace as my first card if it is available as soon as I can, and I think it can be super annoying for the opponent.
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