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July 2019, SuperCell introduces a new option for Clash Royale players, the Pass Royale. It's a total game changer, and opens up tons of new opportunities to gain a heap of coins and chest more easily for the duration of a season of the game.

A season seems to last approximately one month and the Pass Royale (or season pass) costs 4.99 or thereabouts depending on your local currency.

Pass Royale
Pass Royale

Pass Royale Includes:

Earn rewards, including an exclusive seasonal tower skin and emote (these items can only be gained with the corresponding season pass, but you get to keep them for life)

Perk: Unlimited re-entries and continues for special challenges. So once you've lost your three lives in a special challenge event, you can re-enter or continue until you complete the event.

Perk: Exclusive golden player name - You'll easily be able to spot who has paid up for their season pass!

Perk: Tier chests get strikes.

Perk: Queue your next chest to unlock automatically

For the official Pass Royale source of information, check out the Clash Royale website: https://clashro...n-1.html

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