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Art of War: Legions is an auto battle game where you unlock troops cards and throw them into battle against the enemy. There is loads to unlock, and many game modes to play, hope you enjoy and find useful our Art of War: Legion Tips and Strategy page below.

Art of War: Legion Tips and Strategy

This is a really cool game, and really simple to pick up and play, at the beginning, you just need to think about unlocking cards, merging them and sticking to the formula of tanks at the front, melee fighters in the middle and long range fighters at the back, and you should be good to go!

Here's it all explained in more detail, plus some more tips and strategy for the rest of the game.

1. Getting Started.
Unlock whatever is available to you in the beginning before you even play the first round. Check the shop and check your game inbox as there may be free stuff waiting for you.

So know you are ready to play your first rounds, it's super simple, remember to put your troops in front of any archers or mage and you should be good to easily get through the first rounds.

After every round you have the option to triple your reward by watching a video ad. To be honest, I don't think you need to do this at the beginning stages, but only at moments where you have earned significant coins - Look out for the big coins rounds!

2. Basic Battle Formation
If you stick to the general rule of tank at the front, melee in the middle and ranged attackers at the back that will basically get you far in the game. There may be some levels you need to tweak and think about, but generally you want to follow that basic battle formation rule.
Setting Your Formation at the Barracks
Setting Your Formation at the Barracks

3. Victory Ads
At the end of every battle, if you make a victory you are invited to watch a video ad in exchange for triple your winnings of that round. It's something that is interesting to do later in the game if you are finding you need more money to unlock more cards, but at the beginning, probably this triple coins ad offer is not something you should bother with, and just play the game quickly at the beginning to go through a lot of levels with no trouble.

Look out for the special rounds where you get a lot of coins for winning, and make sure that you think about watching the ad to triple your winnings.

4. Idle Chest
There is an idle chest on the main game screen, this fills at a set rate and once filled to capacity will add no more coins until you have clicked on it to empty it, so check in regularly with the game to claim your idle reward.

5. Territory
Territory becomes unlocked after you pass level 15 with the first game mode being Headhunt. In these territory games you get another chance to win more coins and gems so it's well worth checking in on these games daily and taking your allocated number of tries for extra rewards. If you have the patience to play through all of the levels in the available territory games, then this is a great way to get lots of free gems and well as stack up on a lot of coins.
Capturing Castles in Expedition Mode
Capturing Castles in Expedition Mode

The next game to be unlocked is Expedition. Basically you play through a number of increasingly more difficult rounds where you have to fulfil specific missions in order to complete the round with 3 stars. Pay attention to the mission objectives because only on completion of each individual objective within the quest will determine if you get all 3 stars or not.

6. What's the best way to get free gems
Complete the Daily Quests to get loads of free gems, and also complete the Territory missions that you have unlocked. Do both of these things and you'll be swimming in gems in no time at all.

7. Utilizing Heroes
It won't be long until you have unlocked a hero. These are special fighting units that can be positioned on the left, right or at the back of your formation and bring extra power to your army. Heroes are incredibly strong, have their own special power, and can be upgraded by collecting more of the same hero card.
Adding a Hero for some extra firepower - He's that big guy on the right!
Adding a Hero for some extra firepower - He's that big guy on the right!

There are many categories of hero, the best being Legendary, but they are notoriously hard to unlock and have a tony drop rate. You can of course purchase legendary hero cards in the shop, but that's your decision.

8. Check your Daily Bonus and Messages
When you log in to the game, don't forgot you could be entitled to get a daily bonus, this will usually flash up on the screen, you should also check your in-game messages regularly for other rewards such as gems and coins.

9. Setting a Spawn Point
During the battle rounds, there is a flag that you can move around the game area to spawn extra troops over time. There are two options to consider here, do you want to spawn your troops around the back of the enemy to try to tack out it's ranged fighters, do you want to spawn them near the front of your own army to give extra attacking support, or do you want to spawn them near the back of your army to defend your own ranged units.

How to Merge - What is Merging?

For anyone new to this genre of game, the way you upgrade your troops is by merging units of the same type and level to create a single unit of the same troop type but one level higher.

It's the way to progress to stronger troops, and also to free up some slots on your game board.

To merge, you drag the unit over to the exact same unit and they should then merge into one square but one level higher. It can be a bit fiddly, but the drop square will be highlighted so look out for that.

Formation Strategy Guide

So, at the beginning of the game, it's pretty much ok to just place your heavy tank units at the front, your melee units in the middle and your ranged units at the back. But as the game progresses you may need to change things up a bit, especially in Arena battles where you face over decks of other players.

You should think about if your ranged units are adequately defended, especially against units that go straight round to the back of your army and target those units first. You may want to place some infantry alongside them if this is happening to you.

Another tip is to give your formation some balance so make sure there are no weak points on the left right, and even at the back, don't put all the troops of one type on one side, leaving the other side exposed to a specific type of attack.

Defend your ranged units where possible as these are often the weaker ones if the enemy can get to them.

Art of War: Legion Troop Guide

There are currently 43 different types of troop to collect, come are unlocked at the start of the game, others you can only get with certain pack purchases, and others become available to collect after you reach a certain level in the game.

Regardless of rarity, there are three main troop types; tank, melee and ranged. You can check the details of each troop in the game by tapping the Heroes icon at the bottom of the main game screen, then tapping the Troops tab at the next menu.

Now you can tap any troop that you have unlocked or not unlocked yet to see their characteristics to help you decide where they should go in your battle formation for Art of War: Legion apply the basic strategy of the guys with the most hit points (tanks) at the front, the dudes with the swords and other melee weapons in the middle and the peeps with the ranged weapons at the back.

However, as mentioned above, it's not always that simple. Remember to also give your ranged attackers some defense from a tank or melee unit as some teams will go straight to the back of your formation and target your ranged units.

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