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There are currently 40 heroes that are currently available in Art of War: Legions. This will change over time as the developers add new heroes to the game. Each hero has their own strengths and some can be more useful than others in events such as Honor Hunting and in the Arena.

The best heroes are definitely the Legendary tier heroes, but they are hard to acquire and develop. You can however use the Wheel of Fortune to try to get some of these Legendary heroes and shards.

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

However be aware that because new heroes are being frequently, by the time you have acquired and developed a hero via the Wheel of Fortune, it's most likely a better hero will have become available.

The best heroes and getting them to the top level realistically are only reachable for pay to pay players. If you are free to play, then set your sights a little lower and stick to the wheel and use the free gems that you get in the game to try to get gems.

This is a great video which gives a Hero Tier List and explains the reasons behind why they have been placed at the level they have been. Bear in mind however, new heroes are frequently released so it the tier list may be out of date in some time.
Art of War: Legions Heroes Tier List and Tips

But the general rule is that the latest legendary heroes are usually the best. But you don't always need the absolute best hero to get far in the game - not everyone is a whale! Select and develop a few heroes - don't try to develop every one that you unlock.
Art of War Legions Heroes Tier List

In the beginning the hero that you develop should basically be the best one that you have unlocked and get shards for. Look out for Legendary heroes as a level 1 legendary can be better than higher level heroes that are not legendary.

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