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The formation you use will generally be limited to which troops and heroes you have unlocked in the game, so in order to cater for beginners, players with some experience, players with a lot of experience and experts, we'll try to break this formations guide down into different sections according to player level.

Beginner Formations
When you first start playing Art of War: Legions you will only have a very limited number of troop types probably; Infantry, Archers, Iron Guard. Maybe some others. But the basic idea at the beginning of the game, i.e. the first 50 or 100 levels would be to place your melee fighters (infantry, iron guard) at the front and your long range fighters (archers, wizards) at the back.

At this point in the game you don't really have to worry about the enemy coming from behind your ranks killing your long ranged weaker troops.

If you have unlocked tanks like the Ogre Warrior, then they go in the front line too to help absorb some damage. You can even put the melee fighters behind your tank if you want.

Early in the game it's important to get a lot of cards quickly, so keep spending your coins, and check your messages for free things and the store in case there is anything available for free.
Early Formation Example
Early Formation Example

In the image above you can also see a hero, the big guy on the far right. There are three placement options for a hero, and my preference at the beginning of the game is to put him as far forward as you can to get him involved as the heroes are very strong.
Unlocking More Troops Quickly at the Beginning
Unlocking More Troops Quickly at the Beginning

Early Game Formations
By Early Game, I'm talking around levels 100-300. At this point in the game, you may well have unlocked around half of the different troop types and have a number of heroes to choose from and have to deal with all sorts of different enemy strategies.

Let's take a look at the options available to players in the early levels after 100.

The main change that you will notice is that there are a lot more troops to fight against and you will probably be vastly outnumbered so it's important that the troops you do have are as leveled up as they can be, to check this, at the battle screen, tap the barracks, and recall all troops, then select the merge option to merge any troops that you can.

Merging makes the troops stronger, and frees up one block in your battle formation layout.

The other big concern is some enemy formations will make troops appear behind your armies and start attacking your long ranged attackers first. So we have to change strategy here and start to add some protection to our back lines.

Look at the melee troops you have available to you and place some of your strong fighters at the back of your formation with your ranged troops. You could also place a tank to help absorb some hits too.

At this point in the game, your choice of troops will have expanded greatly and you may have many different melee fighters to choose from. In my formation below I have chosen to place my strong Paladins because they are strong in defense and also have a great attack, they will handle easily any troops that want to make a surprise attack behind my lines at this point in the game.

I've also placed an Ogre, which is a tank at the back, to try to attract some enemy firepower.

Over on the right you can see both the Magic Apprentice and Ghost Assassins, both of these troops will go straight to the back of the enemy formation.

I do however still keep to the basic idea of tanks and melee at the front of the formation, but just make the adjustment with some protection at the back, which will vary in strength according to whether or not I am having trouble with a strong enemy attack from behind.

Early Formations
Early Formations

If you are spending your coins and gems that you are earning in the game on troop cards and selecting the best ad watching opportunities then you probably will not be having any trouble at all if you follow the formation guidelines above.

So around level 300 is where I am currently and rather than try to spin some ideas about what happens next in the game, I'll refer you to a few good videos that I've found on the net which talk about troop position and formations and formations for advanced players.

Advanced Formations and Strategy
This is a great video which explains where to put each troop type and why, this is great for players passing level 300 where you need to start thinking a bit more about strategy if you occasionally are running into trouble.

One really interested thing to think about is to place the Mage Apprentices and Ghost Assassins in the front row, the idea being they will get to the enemy back row quicker. It's a really good idea.

Also to place ice wizards if you have them in the middle of the field in order to capitalise on their ability to really slow down enemy troops.

Best Places to Position Troops

Here is another great video which explains ideas behind a formation suitable for free to play players that are at around level 3000.
Free to Play Formation for Around Level 3000

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