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Art of War: Legions Walkthrough and Guide

Art of War: Legions Guide

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Art of War: Legions is a free to play strategic combat game where you build your troops and heroes, position them for battle them send them into way against increasingly more difficult hoards of enemies. There are many different game modes to discover and unlock in your journey through the game, and this Art of War: Legions walkthrough and guide will help you discover how to play these, take a look at the different troops and heroes in the game, and help you find the formations that are best for the cards you have unlocked.

Art of War: Legions Walkthrough and Guide

You can find the menu for our Art of War: Legions Walkthrough on the right if you are using a PC to view this site, or by using the three lines to expand the menu or scroll to the bottom of the of this page if you are on a mobile.

Here we will take a look at what is in our guide and provide some quick links to get you right to the content you are interested in.

Troop Guide

We take a look at all of the troops in the game and discuss a bit about what each one does and how to place them in the game.

Heroes Guide

Our heroes guide reviews all of the available heroes, and tries to discover which one will be best for you whether you are free to play or a whale, or somewhere in between!

Formations Guide

Formations are a key part of strategy in Art of War: Legions, and while you may start of simply with the tanks at the front, and the archers at the back, you'll soon discover that this general rule is not enough. We take a look at your formation options and suggest some ideas which are based on different levels of players

General Tips and Strategy

Away from our walkthrough, you'll find a great collection of Art of War: Legions tips and strategy check out that page for tips on how to get free gems, how to set up basic formations, merging troops and to help you find your way around the basics of the game.


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