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Among us is a fun multiplayer who dunnit experience where you you have to collaborate or kill to survive. Your goal is attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, or maybe it isn't. One r more of you is an impostor and wants to sabotage your ship and kill the crew.. and it could be you.

The basic premise of the game is extremely simple, there are two types of players: The Crewmates and Impostors. In each round there can be from 1-3 Impostors in your game, and you will be randomly assigned one of the roles.

As crew you need to perform tasks to try to complete the game before being wiped out by the imposter(s). But also to watch out for clues to the imposters identity and inform your fellow crew members to vote them off the ship. During the game play you aren’t allowed to talk, but after dead bodies are reported, or when an Emergency Meeting is called, you’ll be able to discuss who the Impostor is. Accusations, bluffs and lies are part of the game.

How to play as a Crewmate

As a member of the crew, your goal is to help complete all of the tasks or to figure out which other players are impostors, then inform the others and try to get them voted off the ship. If you are killed by the Impostor, you can still help your fellow Crewmates win.

Make sure to report any dead bodies that you find, and look out for suspicious behaviours and actions by others.

Look out for any other players following you, using vents or pretending to complete tasks to try to blend in.

If you believe you have enough evidence to accuse someone call a meeting and let everyone know.

How to play as an Impostor

Playing as the impostor can be hard at first as you will need to be familiar with the normal crewmate activities so that you can try to blend in and appear harmless. You also need to look for opportunities to kill the crew members or slow them down. To slow the crews progress you have access to a Sabotage menu that lets you turn off lights, overheat the reactor and more.

Impostors can also use Vents to get around the map much quicker but being seen doing this or exiting a room that you haven't been see entering will point you out as an impostor and get you ejected. Having more than one impostor will help a great deal especially when you protest your innocence and try to blame others.

Try to become familiar with the various crewmate tasks to help you set up your alibi when dead bodies are found. Be ready to bluff and lie to try to point the finger of suspicion on other players to get the the crew members turning on themselves but be careful not to draw too much attention on yourself.

If you have any questions for playing Among Us please see the Answers Page to ask there.


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Among Us FAQs

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How to always be the imposter?

The imposter is the main character in the game. The game selects one or more players at random to be an imposter in each game. There is no way to always be the imposter in Among Us. Unfortunately a lot of people leave the game if they are not the imposter and restart again to try to be the imposter. Eventually this leads to a temporary time ban if you do it too much. If you are not the imposter, just play the game as one of the other characters and eventually the game will make you the imposter in another game sooner or later. ... + 2 More Answers

How to do med scan? In among us if I click the use button also it is not coming

You click on it or press the use button. Also save the scan task for when someone is sus of you because only crewmates can scan and never try to fake task a medbay scan because as I said, only crewmates can scan. The green scan thing won't show up if you are imposter and you get medbay scan as a task. I don't know what the answer to the second question is though but you're welcome! :). ... + 1 More Answers

What is the most popular colour?

Red is the most popular color which makes sense seeing how it's the one that's used most often to advertise Among Us, so being red means you get to be the imposter bean for the game. Following behind red are black and then white in that order. ... + 1 More Answers

Why can't I use the vent to move between rooms?

Only an Impostor can use vents so if you are a crew member you wont be able to. If you are an impostor then you should have button when you approach the vent.

Why did they cancel Among us 2?

The developers decided it would be quicker to make updates for the current game to give us more content than working on the sequel.

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Why won't it let me rate it 5 stars? THIS GAME IS THE BEST!!!

4.9 / 5.0

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