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Among Us was one of the major hits of 2020, and while the euphoria surrounding the game has died down a little, it's still an incredibly popular game, backed by an interesting, original concept and supported by continued development of the game. In 2021 we are looking forward to the new Airship map particularly.

Our Among Us guide takes an in-depth look at the game, we go through the available Among Us Maps and look at the best options on how to play each one. We also take a detailed look at the Among Us characters and how you can customize them to make them stand out from the rest.

We also aim to investigate the rumors as to whether or not Among Us servers shutting down, and look at the current Chat and Quick Chat options in the game, so you can decide which is the right option for you.

Among Us Gameplay
Among Us Gameplay

Our guide also shows you where you can get an Among Us download and give some examples of the popular Among Us Memes that have been circulating the internet.

Our guide starts with some useful tips for beginners

Among Us Beginner Tips

There are two main roles you can play as in Among Us, crewmate or imposter, and how you approach being each of these characters will make a difference to how you play the game. Basically the crewmates need to stay alive and find out who the imposter is, and the imposter needs to kill everyone on the ship and not get caught!

Among Us Crewmate Tips

Among Us Crewmate Tips
Among Us Crewmate Tips

Basically as a crewmate, your main aim is to complete the tasks and to stay alive, easier said that done, because around any corner, and coming out of any vent could be the imposter, whose aim it is is to kill off all of the crewmates. So to get your tasks done, you should bear in mind the following pointers:

Stay in a group - We know this is not always possible, especially as there are fewer and fewer crewmates left, but if you can move around with a few other crewmates, it's likely the imposter will not be able to kill any of you. Just make sure you don't get too close to each other so that you are on top of each other and there is confusion in case the imposter strikes.

Only Imposters Can Use Vents - If you see someone coming out of a vent, you should call for a meeting immediately because only the imposter can use the vents. Another trick to see if someone has used a vent is to check the admin map, and if you see that someone has moved a long distance in little time, then he could well have used a vent.

Leave certain tasks until the end - For any tasks that show you completing them, leave until the end. One such task would be at the Medbay where you have to complete medical scanning. While completing this task, people will know for sure that you are a crewmate. Other visual tasks are clearing asteroids, taking out the trash, and priming shields.

Discussion Behavior - One important part of the role of a crewmate is how you speak when a meeting is called. Be aware of people talking too much and blaming people, this could well can you blamed as being the imposter. Be aware that the imposter will likely have to lie to not get found out, make sure everyone's story adds up. And if you are not sure who it is, you can always skip your vote. If there is a tied vote, then no one is ejected in that round and the game continues.

Even if you die you can still help! - If the imposter does kill you, you can still help the remaining crewmates survive by helping them to complete their tasks while you are a ghost. You will no longer be able to chat with them, but you will be able to chat with other ghosts.

Among Us Imposter Tips

Among Us Imposter Tips
Among Us Imposter Tips

Playing as the Imposter is literally everyone's favorite role in the game, but you're skills of deception will need to be up to scratch if you are going to kill all of the crewmates without getting caught and win the game! The odds are stacked against you - but it's loads of fun, here are our best tips to play as the imposter in Among Us.

Discussion Behavior - You can take two different approaches that can work similarly well as the imposter, say not much, or lay the blame on a likely candidate. If you decide to not say much, and let the others do the talking, you may be able to interject some blame to anyone that is proclaiming their innocence or blaming someone else too strongly. You need to be able to start some suspicion within the group. If you have caught someone alone, or they have caught you red handed coming out of vent or making the kill, then you'll probably need to lay the blame on that person. Your skills at deception with a solid story will be put to the test here, it does take a little practice to lie without getting caught, and it's not really a nice skill to have, but to succeed as the imposter in Among Us, it is a skill you'll need!

Take Your Time - You probably don't want to kill anyone right away, there can be too many crew mates to get a good opportunity, you should try to fit in and look as though you are busy completing tasks. If you act too fast, or get caught using a vent, it could pretty much be game over for you!

Plan Your Kills - Because after each kill there is a cooldown period, you can't just kill everyone at once. Your kills in the game will need to be planned, as well as an escape route to get out of the murder area, and a decent alibi that you can tell to the crew mates so you don't get voted off. You may even want to call a meeting after making a kill if no one else is around, and just say that you discovered the body - cheat trick, but it does work sometimes!

Remember how to complete the tasks - As the imposter you won't be able to complete any of the tasks, but when it comes to the meeting you may have to explain to the others exactly what you were doing if you claim to be completing a task at the time of the murder. Don't get caught out here!

Fake Completing Tasks - If you are wandering around aimlessly, people may start to wonder exactly what you are doing. One option is to stand next to a control panel so it looks like you are completing task, when in reality you are just faking it!

Next read up on about everything you every wanted to know about the Among Us Characters. Or find out more details and get tips for each of the Among Us Maps.


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