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Review by GuestJul 14th 2021
Absolutely love this game for our family. I have two young kids seven and nine. It is really helped lead us to some family conversations about people lying on the internet and not being trustworthy. It was introduced to my kids by A friend of theirs so we decided to go ahead and adopt it. Yes it has killing and guns and stabbing but it is of aliens not people. We have talked lots about how to treat people and what is right and wrong used it as a conversation starter. Also we love playing hide and seek as a family on it as well as among us where everyone can play when their friends come over.
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Review by GuestMar 21st 2021
I love the unique and cool worlds. Innersloth, Nintendo, and Ubisoft are the most greatest game makers and this game is one of Innersloth's best and unique games EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Airship Map and their is 1 question I need to ask. If I get the Airship Map early will it take away Mira HQ???

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Review by GuestJan 21st 2021
Is the best game in world because people love to kill in the game so they will likely always want to be the IMPOSTOR :D
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Review by GuestDec 31st 2020
Among us is awesome there's only one problem. This happens commonly whenever I join it goes all black except for other people's pets and my character. I don't know if thats a glitch with the game and when it happens I can go out of bounds in the ship. Please fix this. But other than that it is a great game and I love it.
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