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Currently there are three Among Us maps that you can play, plus there is a 4th one, The Airship which is due for release sometime in 2021. The original map, and currently the only free map, is The Skeld. The Skeld will be the Among Us map that players are most familiar with because it's the original, and the only free one. It's also been voted as the favorite of all three of the currently available Among Us maps. Let's take a deeper look at each of the Among Us maps, starting with The Skeld.

The Skeld Map

The Skeld Map - Among Us

The Skeld Map - Among Us

The Skeld is the original Among Us map and is generally the best place to start if you are new to a game, a survey has also shown that it is the majority of player's preferred map too, so let's take a look at what's at The Skeld and what you can do there as a crewmate and imposter.

In the Skeld you'll want to be particularly familiar with the security room, where you can monitor the security cameras that are scattered around this Among Us map. It's an ideal location to spy on other players to try to catch the imposter in the act. Of course, if it's you that is the imposter, you'll want to be aware of where exactly these security cameras are to avoid being caught in the act of anything sinister!

In the Skeld there are a number of visual tasks that you can perform, these tasks offer a good opportunity to gain some trust with your crewmates as they can see you perform them. The visual tasks at The Skeld include clearing asteroids, taking out the trash, medical scan and priming shields.

The other important thing to note about the Skeld map is the location of the vents and how they work. If you notice other players traveling long distances, then you may surmise that they have used a vent... Only imposters can use the vents. So also be wary if you are standing too close to a vent, that an imposter may come out at any time and kill you!

When it comes to playing as the imposter in The Skeld, one important thing to know is what you can sabotage in order to make the crewmates' tasks more difficult. To sabotage a task, the imposter merely needs to open their map and click one of the red icons that are on display. Here are the details of all of the sabotages the imposter can make in The Skeld:

Reactor: Sabotaging the reactor will initiate a meltdown which must be fixed by two crew mates. This is a great sabotage because they must make the repair.

Comms: This sabotage will close down the admin map and stop the security cameras from functioning. Crewmates also will not be able to see their list of tasks.

Electrics: Turn everything dark with this sabotage, the crewmates will need to go to the electrical room and flip the switch to restore lights and electrical functions

Doors: This will lock the door for 10 seconds in a specific room.

Oxygen: This is another sabotage that the crewmates cannot ignore and must fix. To make the repair, two crewmates must use the keypads in both the admin and oxygen rooms.

If you want to see The Skeld map in more detailed, then there is a great annotated map over on Reddit by one of it's users (u/TiltLordRL) just follow this like to check it out and read see the comments:

The Admin Map

The admin map is not a playable map in it's own right, and is also know as the admin room. It is used to see what the other players in the game are doing and where they are going. Although you won't be able to tell who is who, because each person looks the same on the admin map, you'll be able to see how many players are still alive and where they seem to be going. That's especially useful to know in meetings to make sure people are saying the truth.

As well as being useful for crewmates, the admin map is also handy for imposters to see the whereabouts of the crewmates and to help them find their next target.

The Polus Map

Polus Map Among Us

Polus Map Among Us

The Polus map is the biggest map so far in Among Us, as consequently it's really best played with a about 10 players otherwise it can be hard for the crew mates to to survive as you are likely to be left alone. Polus is set in an Arctic base, where you have access to rooms inside the base, and the outside surrounding area. In total, there are 15 rooms, and to get from one room to another can sometimes require a rather long walk where especially when you are not sure when an imposter will appear and strike you down! As with The Skeld, there are also a number of vents which imposters can access as a quick way to traverse Polus.

As with The Skeld, there is also an admin room. Here you can view all of the security cameras on the map and is a great way to keep an eye on the other players and to try to catch the imposter getting up to no good. However, in Polus, the admin room can also be a dangerous place to be for a crewmate because of the vent that is situated in the room. So if you are busy spying on other players, watch out, because the imposter may come through that vent and kill you.

Another feature to note about Polus is the Vitals Kiosk. This kiosk shows you which players are currently alive and dead since the last meeting. Doors work a little differently in Polus, as you leave a room often you'll need to go through the decontamination process which means that you will have a few seconds to wait before you can proceed. You should also note that doors can be locked by imposters on Polus, and they will stay locked until a crewmate unlocks them. If you can work out who is locking doors, then you'll be able to work out who the imposter is.

Because of it's sheer size and the fact that the vents give a serious advantage to the imposters, it's best to try to travel around in groups wherever possible, especially when completing your tasks. In Polus it really is safety in numbers! Groups of 3-4 usually work well in my experience with Polus in order for crewmates to stay safe and have enough time to complete all the tasks.

Sabotages in Polus

On the Polus map, here is what the imposter can do to thwart the efforts of the crewmates.

Reactor: Sabotaging the reactor will cause a meltdown. The crewmates can't let this happen and will need two of them to come and fix the problem.

Comms: Sabotaging the comms will mean the crewmates cannot see their task list, and it also disables the security cameras, vitals kiosk and the admin room.

Electrics: Sabotaging the electrics will greatly diminish how far crewmates can see. A crewmate will need to head to electrics to sort this out by flipping the switch to turn the electrics on again.

As well as being familiar with the map, common tips such as learning to fake tasks, how to behave in meetings and generally being observant all apply here in Polus, just as they would in the other Among Us maps.

Mira HQ Map

Mira HQ Map

Mira HQ Map

Mira HQ is the smallest of the three maps currently available and consequentially it makes it a little hard for an imposter to shuffle around causing problems without getting caught. Coupled with the unique features of the admin room in this map which basically logs the movements of all players, makes this a map which imposters do well if they win. However not everything is stacked against the imposter, then vents in Mira HQ all interconnect well with the rooms, and it is much easier in this map to utilize the vents to plan your attacks, take your opportunities and escape un noticed.

As with the other maps, the sabotage options for the imposter are virtually the same with the option to cause a meltdown, sabotage the electrical and lighting system, the doors and oxygen all possible at Mira HQ.

The usual crewmate tips hold true in this map, try not to travel alone, be clever in the meetings, and be super vigilant to what others or doing as the move around Mira HQ.

Look out if you are alone in a room and close to a vent, there could be an imposter in there waiting to pounce, also you are a little more vulnerable when you enter the decontamination hallways, if the imposter is paying attention and notices you enter, he may use the vent inflict his crimes.

When playing as the imposter in Mira HQ, get to know the vents really well, as you'll probably be spending a lot of your time hiding in them, waiting to pounce, patience is the key, along with seizing your opportunities when they arise.

The Airship Map

The Airship Map

The Airship Map

In a tweet, Innersloth have announced that there will be a new map released in 2021 for Among Us, named, The Airship. Despite it being March 2021 already at the time of writing, and the official information stating that the new map would be available in early 2021, there are no signs of The Airship as yet. Here is a little about what we know about The Airship map in Among Us.

We would say, that based on the other maps that Innersloth have released, The Airship map will also be a free update to the game playable by everyone. However, the developers do monetize their game with in-app purchases, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that there may be a charge for the map.

There are a few reasons why it's talking a while for The Airship map to be released. The new map could bring with it significant changes such as a new set of tasks and the ability to start at different locations on the map. We understand that the developers are also working on new kill animations and cosmetics, especially for The Airship.

So a bit more patience is needed before we get the definite low down on The Airship map for Among Us, and until then we can enjoy the other three released maps for the game.

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