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The Among Us characters are easily recognizable and quite unique in the gaming world. There are 12 playable characters in Among Us, all of them look the same except for the color. But while the general look of your Among Us character is the same, you can customise your character by giving it a unique name, selecting your preferred color from the choice of 12, and adding cosmetic customisations such as hats, skins and pets.

Among Us Characters

The Among Us characters come in 12 different colors, here is the full list alphabetically.













All of the versions look the same, except for the color, which is down to your choice from the ones available. You can however make your Among Us character stand out from the crowd with cosmetics, here's the lowdown on what you can get.

Among Us Character Cosmetics

The cosmetics usually have to be paid for, either individually or via packs. To date there are plenty of packs and cosmetics to choose from, we've summarised these below.

First of all, there are the map packs, here you can purchase a new Among Us Map but you'll also get three additional skins for your Among Us character.

There are currently two map pack and skin bundles:

Map Pack and Skin Among Us Character Bundles

Polus Map Skin Bundle

Polus Map Skin Bundle

Polus Map Skin Bundle

This map comes with the following three skins:

Polus Map Skin Polus Map Skin Polus Map Skin

As you can see from the images below you can get the bundle of the Polus Map, plus 3 skins to customise your Among Us character.

Mira HQ Map Skin Bundle

Mira HQ Map Skin Bundle

Mira HQ Map Skin Bundle

This map comes with the following three skins:

Mira Q Map Skin Mira HQ Map Skin Mira HQ Map Skin

This pack also gives you another map plus 3 more skins.

They are the same price, so it's a matter of preference as to which pack you purchase.

As well as these character cosmetics, there are also a load of individual skins, pets and hats that you can purchase to customise your Among Us character.

Lets's take a look first at the Pet options for your character.

Among Us Character Bundles - Pet Cosmetics

Pets, while they won't give you any specific buff in the game, they will help your Among Us character stand out from the rest, and look a little more unique. There are a few packs to choose from, which each of the packs bundling two pets options together.

Stickmin Pet Bundle

This Stickmin Pet Bundle will give you a Stickmin next to your Among Us character as you play, the pet bundle comes with two options, one of them will have a red hat for the pet.

Mini Crewmate Bundle

This is probably our favourite pet bundle, of the two options you get, both have a mini Among Us character on your main character's head, and then to the side of you you'll either get a small Among Us character or a small robot, depending on what you choose.

Hamster Pet Bundle

The Hamster Pet bundle is another one that we like, both the versions are pretty cute, we especially like the blue hamster version.

Brainslug Pet Bundle

This is another nice pack, you can either choose to have the brainslug or the UFO to customise your Aong Us character.

Bedcrab Pet Bundle

The Bedcrab bundle will give you these cool looking creatures by your side during your game, again the pack contains two items.

Are Among Us Characters AI?

The characters that you play against in a game of Among Us are generally a mix of AI controlled and other player controlled. The characters can interact within the game with each other.

What happens when I die in Among Us? When you die in the game you will become a ghost, ghosts can't interact with other players and can't chat or discuss who the imposter is. The main difference to the appearance is that they won't have legs, and instead they'll have a ghostly tail, they'll also be see through.

Living characters are shown as short, humanoid beings wearing a spacesuit. They lack arms, have short legs, and their spacesuits do not reveal what is underneath. Sometimes, players will appear to have four-fingered hands at certain moments, such as the killing animations when they are killed by An Impostor. On the contrary, the reactor meltdown UI shows a five-fingered hand being scanned. A small pack is also mounted on the back of the suit.

If a player is eliminated by normal gameplay, they will turn into a ghost. Ghosts look the same as living characters, except that they have a ghost tail in place of legs and are translucent. Their currently chosen skin will not be displayed below the character.

If the player is a Crewmate, all characters will display their names in white above their heads. If the player is selected as An Impostor, then any other Impostors will see their names (including their own) as colored red.

If an Impostor kills a Crewmate, they will leave behind a decapitated corpse, which appears as the bottom half of the body with a single bone sticking out of it.

How to Draw Among Us Characters?

If you feel like having a go at drawing the Among Us characters, then check out this easy to follow tutorial which shows you how to draw the Among Us characters pretty easily.

How to Draw Among Us Characters

Head to our main Among Us guide page for some great beginner tips for playing both as the crewmate and the imposter. Or check out some tips for the different Among Us Maps.

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