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Upgrading Knights

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There are a number of ways to upgrade knights and increase their power. To access your knights, tap the knights icon at the bottom of the main game screen. Then tap one of the individual knights that you would like to increase the power of. Best to go with the knights that have the most stars first.

Level Up

The first option is to simply level up. You level up knights with Magicite as you increase the levels the amount of magicite you need to get to the next level increases. So also a good idea to get at least your core team of knights to a good level together. You can always reset your knights later and get your Magicite back.

Leveling up a knight will increase it's strength and hit points.


The next tab is equipment. If there is any available equipment for a particular knight, you can use the auto mount option to assign it to your current knight. Magic Power is also used here to perform magic imprints and conversions on your equipment which can increase it's power.


Promoting your knight is really important, it will take them to the next star level and possibly unlock more powers. You can the items needed to promote by recruiting more knights and getting souls for that knight.

Promoting Knights

Promoting Knights


This is a powerful upgrade but very hard to get you'll need a lot of souls to make this upgrade but the effects are very strong. Check the knight you want to awaken for the specific details of what you need, and what you will get on Awkening.

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