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Recruiting Knights

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It's important to keep recruiting knights as you play through the game for a number of reasons.

First of all, recruiting more knights is often a quest task and you'll get free diamonds sometimes for recruiting knights.

Recruiting Knights is done via the doorway icon towards the right at the bottom of the game screen. When you enter that screen you can see the recruitment options and if there are any special offers running.

Recruiting Knights

Recruiting Knights

For example, there is usually a timed offer that if you make 100 recruit rolls you'll get a special knight as a reward. Use the scroll at the bottom of the special page to see what you can get.

You use diamonds to make the rolls in the recruit process, the best option is to wait until you have at least 3000 diamonds and go for the 10 roll option, that way you get a free bonus roll too.

You can also watch video ads for a single roll and use special tickets too.

On roll you will get knights are upgrade materials for knights, which are equally important too, as you can increase the star level of your knights and captain with these which makes them stronger in the game.

After you have rolled for recruiting knights, tap the three bars icon in the top left of the game screen and tap collection. Here you can see if you have unlocked new knights or if any rewards are available to be collected.

Also, after you have rolled for more knights, tap the knights icon at the bottom of the game screen and look for any up arrows which will indicate if you have enough shards to make a promotion of an individual knight based on what you received from your rolls.

Promoting knights and captain is great and you want to try to get them to 5 star to max them out.

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