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Steel Cemetery

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The Steel Cemetery is accessed via the World Map, here you assemble your team to defeat the Scrap Golem. Defeating him will give you rewards which includes Cores, Magicite and Essence.

To get started in the Steel Cemetery, tap the playing area in the middle of the game, this will allow you to arrange your team of knights.

You can use the arrange all button to allow the game to select your team. Remember to use the arrange all button frequently in the game as your strongest knights may have changed since the last time you visited the Steel Cemetery.

The idea is to keep revisiting the Steel Cemetery when you have stronger knights in order to increase your record in the game. It's very easy and the rewards are quite good, so well worth spending a little time in the Steel Cemetery to get those freebies. Especially the Cores, which are not so easily attained in the game.

What to do with Cores

One of the rewards that you get are Cores with these cores you can improve your airship parts. Cores can be quite hard to get, so remember to head to the Steel Cemetery frequently to get more.

To access Airship Parts, tap the Home icon in the bottom middle of the screen, then tap Parts. Here you can make Parts upgrades using your cores.

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