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Returning to Base

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The Return to Base function is basically the rest function of this idle RPG game, the best option is to only return home when a level up is available. The Return to Base button will tell you that a level up is available.

On Return to Base you will basically reset your engines and levels. Your captain and knight levels and your facilities levels will stay the same. Your mana and metal will also be lost.

There is an option to use diamonds to get double magicite in the game. I value magicite more than diamonds so I always select this option when I return home in the game.

Magicite is used to level up your knights and captain in the game, and you really cannot get enough of it!

After you have returned home, you get the depart screen, this tell you the current status of your airship and what buffs it has. These buffs are given according to your adventure level.

Buffs include increases to Airship Knight stats, increased main stage rewards and increased voyage log rewards.

So look out for those level ups on return home and take then when they are available.

Return to Base Reset

So basically returning to base does reset some elements of the game, but you do easily get to the same spot in the game much quicker. You'll need to start leveling up your enchant levels and your engine as soon as you can when you depart.

Look out for other things that may have become unlocked if you increased your adventure level such as new airships or new facilities.

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