Airship Knights

Airship Knights Guide

Airship Knights Guide


Airship Knights is a complex idle RPG where you unlock characters, level them up, improve your airship and idle your way through hundreds of levels.

In our Airship Knights guide we take a deep dive into things such as re rolls, tier lists, the mechanics of the game and generally how to play it and get the most of this game.

We look at the different materials in the game, how to get them, and what they all do. We also look at the main game as well as the many different side games that are available, all of which will get your a plethora of rewards to upgrade your characters and airships.

Need free gems? Then we also make some suggestions on the best ways to get free gems in Airship Knights, and when you have them, what are the best things to spend them on.

Airship Kings is a well designed and innovativeidle RPG, first of all we suggest that you take a look at our Tier List and Reroll Guides in order to bag the best starting characters, or at least to know what to look out for!

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